Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 2 Head Of Household Results (07/15/21)

Big Brother 23’s first week of gameplay has been draining, not just for the houseguests but the Big Brother 2021 Live Feeds watchers as well. We are so very tired. This exhaustion comes because of Brandon “Frenchie” French’s Head of Household reign. It’s been one of the most sporadic, confusing, and draining first HOH reigns in Big Brother history. Now the madness comes to an end.

Big Brother 23 Week 2 Head of Household

Tonight, Big Brother crowned a new Big Brother 23 Head of Household. This week two Head of Household is automatically better than Frenchie’s HOH run because there is no way they’ll be as crazy as his Head of Household reign, at least we hope. 

Tonight’s Big Brother episode saw Travis Long’s hopes of winning the Big Brother 2021 game go right out the door with him. This left only 15 houseguests competing for the $750,000 grand prize. The first four weeks of Big Brother 23 is all about teams, so a whole team will end up safe tonight. 

Frenchie is ineligible to play in this week’s HOH competition, but if one of the three members of his team, Britini D’Angelo, Derek Frazier, or Azah Awasum, win HOH then he’ll be safe for yet another week. For this HOH competition, houseguests had to select a spot to shoot from. The houseguest who picks the most difficult spot and succeeds at hitting it in the shark’s mouth wins HOH. 

Read below to find out who won the Big Brother 23 week two Head of Household Competition



Kyland Young wins HOH Week 2

Kyland is the new Head of Household!


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