Big Brother Winner Derrick Levasseur Season 18 Cast Prediction!

Derrick Levasseur, winner of Big Brother 16, opened up yesterday on a VIP Chat for Live Feeds subscribers.  If you have not yet gotten your Big Brother Live Feeds yet, you’re missing out!

Big Brother Live Feeds - Derrick Levasseur (CBS)
Big Brother Live Feeds – Derrick Levasseur (CBS)

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Levasseur revealed that he would play the game again if the timing was right and he’d love to play with “the greats” such as Will, Dan, Danielle, Rachel and Janelle (just to name a few).  However, he is currently busy filming his new show Hard Evidence for Investigation Discovery, set to premiere in early 2017.

When asked what his cop buddies tease him about, the former Big Brother winner laughed when mentioning cuddling in the hammock with Frankie Grande.  In addition to being teased about certain things that happened on the show, Derrick feels that being part of the Big Brother cast allowed him to grow as a person.  The things he has been able to do after the show have been awesome experiences.

The best advice Derrick Levasseur can give new house guests is to find one person to trust and bring to the end with you (and avoid a three person alliance).  Only two people can be in the money and one is bound to feel like a third wheel and pull an unexpected move.


The former Big Brother winner’s predictions for Big Brother 18 include a mixed group of houseguests consisting of new players and returning players.  While not a prediction, he would also love to see food and luxury competitions come back!

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