Big Brother 18 Cast Mystery: Something Strange Going On?

The Big Brother 18 cast seems to be the subject of an unusual amount of mystery and intrigue this year. We are less than a week out from the Big Brother 18 cast announcement, but we still have no solid rumors or spoilers we actually think hold water. Plus, there have been some rather odd actions taken by CBS this year regarding the Big Brother 2016 cast. Which just leaves us wondering… Is something strange going on?

The Big Brother 18 cast reveal happens June 13!
The Big Brother 18 cast reveal happens June 13!

Practically everyone has heard the rumors that this will be a Big Brother All Stars season. Possibly some sort of Survivor Second Chance kind of season where fan favorites or those who came very close to winning get another whack at the big prize.

Another prevalent rumors is that there will at least be some sort of mix of newbies & veterans, perhaps a “Fresh Meat Vs. Veterans” theme or a Survivor Blood Vs. Water style show. A vague tweet posted by Vanessa Rousso about her sister and Big Brother that was deleted almost immediately has lent particular weight to this theory.

All these rumors aside, there does indeed seem to be something a little off about how CBS Big Brother has been handling things in the preseason. First off, the casting calls and hype about getting people to apply for this year just seemed much less than usual. Then we have the whole thing about CBS recruiting some kind of weird mock Big Brother 18 cast to play in the house before the real game begins.

Another piece of evidence that things are out of the ordinary this season is the two hour season Big Brother 18 premiere on Wednesday June 22, with the normal one hour follow-up on Thursday, June 23. What does CBS have planned that requires three hours in a two-night season premiere?


The last straw that really leaves us shaking our heads and confused just came to light today. Some major media representatives who ALWAYS have access to the cast before the reveal to do video interviews were cut entirely out of the loop this year. Even our buddies at, who always share their exclusive and awesome pre-season cast interview videos with us, were blacked out this season.

This is a very, very bizarre turn of events.

So what exactly is it about the Big Brother 18 cast that is making CBS be so mysterious and freaky this time around? We’re still hoping to get hold of some legitimate Big Brother spoilers and find out what is going on, but we may just have to wait this season to find out just like everyone else on Monday.


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