Big Brother Canada 4: Meet the Final Seven Houseguests!

Yesterday, the first seven houseguests for Big Brother Canada’s fourth season were announced. Today, the final group of seven as revealed on the show’s official website.

Big Brother Canada 4 Houseguests Dallas, Christine, Kelsey, Mitchell, Cassandra, Sharry, and Phillipe (Source: Global TV Canada)

While we still have the mystery of learning who will be our final two International Wildcard houseguests, we finally have our full group of brand new houseguests who will be moving into the Big Brother Canada house this winter! Let’s find out a little more about the rest of them!

Kelsey Faith, 25
Calgary, AB
Flight Attendant/Bartender

Self-defined as positive and free-spirited, Kelsey hopes to make some great friends during her time on Big Brother and doesn’t want to overthink the game.


Phillipe Parquette, 21
Ottawa, ON

Phillipe is confident that he’ll be able to play a great social game, but plans to do whatever he has to do to win, including stabbing his allies in the back when the time comes.


Christine Kelsey, 47
Vancouver, BC

Christine plans to attempt to fly under the radar despite her big personality. She loves games and wants to align with someone completely different from her in the house.


Mitchell Moffet, 27
Guelph, ON

YouTube personality Mitchell compares his strategy to evolution, that those who adapt to the environment of the house the best will be the most successful.


Sharry Ash, 30
Toronto, ON
Customer Service Supervisor

Sharry plans to listen more than she speaks and remain flexible to the changing dynamics of the Big Brother house.


Dallas Cormer, 24
St John, NB

Dallas describes himself as the “life of the party” and plans to win the first Head of Household and make alliances with both males and females to avoid being a target of either side.


Cassandra Shahinfar, 22
Winnipeg, MB
Social Media Strategist

Cassandra hopes she can use her charisma and social skills to win over her housemates and plans to make a secret alliance with a male houseguest to use as a “meat shield”.


And there we have it, fourteen of our sixteen Big Brother Canada 4 houseguests! It’s sure to be an exciting winter! What do you think of the new houseguests? Tell us in the comments section of on Twitter @BigBroAccess! We’ll keep you informed as we approach the premiere on Wednesday, March 2nd! Stay tuned!