Big Brother Canada 4 Cast: International Wildcards Announced!

Now it’s official! Big Brother Canada has announced what came to light in spoilers last night, that four international Big Brother houseguests are going to be a part of Canada’s fourth season. But it’s not quite what we were expecting.

Big Brother Canada 4 cast wildcards (Global TV Canada)

As revealed last night here, we have learned that former international Big Brother houseguests, Jase Wirey, Tim Dormer, Veronica Graf, and Nikki Grahame are going to potentially be on our computer and television screens for the next several months! But not all of them are going to be afforded that second life-changing opportunity.

As revealed on the Big Brother Canada official website and ET Canada, viewers will be selecting one male and one female from the eligible foursome to be a part of the Big Brother Canada 4 cast! Thus, Jase Wirey and Tim Dormer are battling it out for one spot while Veronica Graf and Nikki Grahame compete for the other spot. And it’s all up to the viewers to decide!

If you don’t know much about the potential “International Big Brother Icons” as they are being labelled on the official website, don’t worry, there are videos clips and bios that can be found on the aforementioned websites and essentially all over the Internet.

The two that wind up being selected by the public are being called Big Brother Canada‘s “Wildcards” which will presumably be explained later. Whether or not there will be full-fledged houseguests or if their roles will differ remains to be seen.

Twitter is already buzzing with people tweeting who they believe should be selected as the wildcards to join the rest of the cast. Be sure to tell us who you are voting for and why at @BigBroAccess and we’ll keep you informed as more details come forward! Photos of the house and the identities of the remaining houseguests will likely be revealed in the days to come!