The Live Feeds may now be off for good, but we still have Big Brother Canada spoilers about the final Power of Veto Ceremony to share!

Big Brother Canada Heather

Before the Big Brother Canada 2014 Live Feeds shut off on Sunday morning, we were able to get a pretty solid idea of what would happen at the PoV Ceremony taking place today.

At the final Big Brother Canada season 2 Power of Veto Competition, Jon was a very, very lucky guy when he managed to snag the win. We think that if he hadn’t, he was in serious danger of watching an all-girl Big Brother Canada 2 finale roll right over him.

If Neda had ended up with the final vote this week, she might have decided to save Jon based on their relationship in the game. However, if we were her, we would have dumped him like a hot rock for a better chance at that big prize in the end.

With the roles reversed, it’s now Jon’s turn to decide if Neda will be the one to go home. After he uses his Power of Veto to take himself off the block, she will automatically go up against Heather for the last pre-finale eviction. Jon will hold the one and only vote. Will he stick to his alliance deal with Neda and take her to the final three? Or will he see her as too much of a threat and this could be his last opportunity to get rid of her?

From what we saw on the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds before they went off, Jon actually seems quite solid about sticking to his alliance with Neda. Hell or high water, he didn’t seem likely to turn on her at the end. So if Jon really is going to stick with Neda, that means he’ll be sending Heather home with his vote in the eviction.

However, it could also be that Jon is really great at covering up his true plans and he thinks he would stand a better chance against Heather and Sabrina in the final three. We don’t think that will happen based on what we’ve seen, but you just never know until the vote is actually cast.


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