Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Who Is The Mystery Houseguest?

UPDATE: Our Big Brother Canada spoilers about who would be the mysterious 15th HouseGuest were only partially correct. We heard that it would be Scott Bosse, aka the drag queen known as Contessa. However, he is apparently only one of THREE possible contestants that the viewers are going to be voting between to join the other 14 BBCAN2 cast members!

Big Brother Canada 2014 Cast

The three contestants to choose between are:

  • Scott Bosse/Contessa, 36 – Draq queen and hospital worker
  • Nate Sandri, 23 – Sheet metal worker
  • Allison White, 25 – Psychiatric nurse

Viewers can vote throughout the week for which one of the three potential contestants you want to enter the house at


Fourteen of the Big Brother Canada 2 cast members were announced earlier this week, but one mystery Houseguest still remains unidentified. Well, unless you believe the Big Brother Canada spoilers out there naming a certain Halifax drag queen as the 15th cast member for 2014.

According to Frank Magazine, an unidentified source has informed them the mystery Houseguest that will be unveiled on the premiere tonight is… Scott Bosse, otherwise known as drag queen Contessa.

Big Brother Canada Scott Bosse Contessa

We cannot confirm this information, so we’ll just have to wait until tonight to find out if this rumor is indeed true. If it is, however, that should prove to be quite the interesting twist. Especially since Scott was allegedly told to bring clothing for both of his personas.

Frank Magazine notes that in addition to the source it has rustled up, there is further evidence that Scott Bosse aka Contessa is the 15th HouseGuest for season two. They note that all of Scott’s social media accounts have been wiped clean and there has been no recent activity from him on the Net.

Of course, this could all just be a lot of heresy and coincidence. Or perhaps Contessa is slated to make a guest appearance on the show and isn’t actually a contestant. We’ll find out tonight when the Big Brother Canada 2 premiere goes live!


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