Big Brother Canada 2 Recap: Week 2 Power of Veto Drama

We can hardly believe we’re already into the second week of our Big Brother Canada 2 recaps! The season so far has been so engaging, it seems like it is flying by at super speed. Maybe it’s because of all the crazy stuff happening inside the house, like nasty name-calling, almost fist-fights, and painful pool injuries. We just can’t get enough!

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Just look at the faces on these girls. They know the sh*t is now hitting the fan on Big Brother Canada 2014. This isn’t just a game, it’s a chance to literally change your life forever with a huge chunk of cash and 15 minutes of fame that could stretch into a lifetime career. The Big Brother Canada cast isn’t messing around, they are in it to win it! (As former American Idol judge Randy Jackson might say.)

We’ve already seen the Big Brother Canada spoilers for who wins the Power of Veto Competition and which two Houseguests will end up as the final eviction nominees. We won’t spoil it for you until we get to it in our live recap below, but let’s just say we aren’t entirely sure what the guys currently in power are thinking right now with the nominations…

Yes, it’s good to get out strong opponents. But it’s also important not to leave a large potential alliance voting block intact against you, even if you think it’s made up of weaker players.

In the Nominations Ceremony for this week, new Head of Household Andrew put up Paul and Neda for eviction. The Paul choice was obvious after all the crap that’s been going on between them this week. Paul lied and told most of the house that Andrew was sexist and racist. He basically wanted to come off as a “bad guy” so he wouldn’t be a target this week. Which is an odd strategy, but okay.

In nominating him for eviction, Andrew accused Paul of being a hypocritical name-caller and a liar. All of which is actually true. Neda’s nomination was a nod to Andrew’s allies, who wanted a girl up on the block. He told her she was a strong social player and that makes her dangerous.

WARNING: The rest of this post is SPOILERS about the Power of Veto Competition results and final nominations, which won’t be shown until Thursday night!


At the Power of Veto Competition, both of the eviciton nominees flub the challenge and end up losing the prize. Kenny ends up winning the Power of Veto instead and this is good for HoH Andrew because he’s an ally. Andrew happily gets Kenny to use the PoV to take Neda off the block and put up  Kyle, a strong player and the target he now really wants out.

Unless things change big time between now and Thursday night, it looks like from the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds that Kyle is the most likely person to go home. Unless he can pull off some kind of deal or alliance move to keep himself safe and send Paul home instead. But Paul has manage to make himself look like an ass and he’s basically all alone, which means he just isn’t as dangerous and less likely to get evicted.

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