Are you wanting to watch Big Brother Canada 2 but happen to live in the U.S.? Well, we have good news. We have all the details on how to watch Big Brother Canada 2014 online!

big brother canada 2014

As always, we urge all Big Brother fans to be cautious when viewing shows online as many live streaming sites can be packed full of advertisements, malware, and viruses. Also, we have to encourage everyone to follow the laws of their respective country when it comes to viewing programs from outside their borders online.

That being said, here are a few methods you can use to watch Big Brother Canada 2 in the U.S. or elsewhere.

Live Episodes

To watch live episodes of BBCAN 2, right now the best option seems to be TV Nutters, which live streams the shows. However, we must WARN you the site does have a lot of ads and crap on it. Do NOT believe the popups and ads telling you that you have to install something in order to watch the video! Just close out those ads and popups using the tiny black or red x marks on them. Do not, repeat, do NOT install anything from this site!

Past Episodes

UPDATE: Unfortunately the video source we had previously been using for readers to watch the Big Brother Canada 2 episodes online has now become unavailable. We do not have any other source at this time to view the episodes other than at the official website.

Do not despair, however! Most people can use the free Hola add-on to the Google Chrome browser to view the episodes and Live Feeds on the official website. This is a relatively easy way to watch the videos if it works for you. Check out the instructions below. (These are not referral links, and we do not earn anything from you using Hola or anything like that. Just FYI.)

Watch Big Brother Canada Episodes & Live Feeds at

Here is a rather easy method for how to watch Big Brother Canada Live Feeds online at the website.

  1. Make sure you have the Google Chrome Internet browser installed.
  2. Intall Hola, a Chrome browser add on that lets you easily select which “country” you would like to view a website from.
  3. After closing and opening your browser, navigate to
  4. Click the Hola icon on the top right of your browser window and select the Canadian flag. Wait for the browser to refresh or refresh it manually.
  5. Navigate to the videos section at and choose your video to play. And hope it works!

Live Feeds

For those who just want to watch the Live Feeds, you can also use BBViewer. You will need to download the .air file from dropbox and be sure to have Adobe Air installed.

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