The Big Brother Canada 2 spoilers for who would be evicted this week were obvious from watching the Live Feeds over the past few days. Ever since the final nominations were determined at the Power of Veto Ceremony, it’s been pretty clear who would be the one who was voted off Big Brother Canada tonight.

Big Brother Canada Spoilers Week 9 Eviction

When we ended up with Head of Household Jon putting Heather and Sabrina on the block at the end of the last episode, it looked like it might be curtains for Heather. However, things can change quickly inside the Big Brother Canada house. Sometimes, so fast, you might just get hit with whiplash!

All the plans to get Heather out of the house this week went down the drain when, at the Power of Veto Competition, she managed to somehow snag the win.  Naturally, she went right ahead and saved herself from the block at the Power of Veto Ceremony. This forced Jon to put up a replacement nominee, which ended up with Adel going up against Sabrina for eviction as the final nominations.

This is when it got really interesting as all the wheeling and dealing kicked up several notches with the remaining Big Brother Canada 2 cast. We had arguments for why Sabrina was the best choice to send home, then talk about how dangerous Adel was as a threat going into the finale. There was quite a bit of back and forth, but it was quickly clear that Adel was looking like the eviction nominee who was in real trouble this week.

It didn’t take long before the few votes left were all arrayed against Adel, and he figured it out fairly rapidly. So we got to watch Adel play around on the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds quite a bit the past few days as he acted out for the viewers, knowing he was about to head home.

We’ll kind of miss Adel actually. He was rather more entertaining than pretty much anyone else left in the house at this point.

The actual “official” results of tonight’s eviction have not yet been announced, but we are 99.9% positive it will be Adel going home. We’ll update with the actual vote, of course, as soon as it is out.

And the official results are now in… Adel was voted out by a vote of two to zero.


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