This is an all important show in our Big Brother Canada recap tonight. Not only will we learn who was evicted on Big Brother Canada tonight, but we’ll also have a very important Head of Household Competition. Whichever Big Brother Canada 2014 cast member walks away with the win in this HoH challenge will automatically be one of the final three for season 2!

Big Brother Canada 2 Jon

The bad news for Jon is… he can’t grab that guaranteed spot in the final three because he will be coming off winning the last Head of Household Competition. So he’s going to really be hoping that the person who does win the HoH is going to be someone he can count on not to decide he needs to be the next to go.

Frankly, if we were anyone else left in the house, we would be putting our targets firmly on Jon to get him out before the final three. If they don’t, they could be looking at the next Big Brother Canada winner staring them in the face during the finale!

We expect it will be Adel who will go home in the Big Brother Canada results tonight based on everything we’ve seen on the Live Feeds the past few days. However, we never count the chickens until the votes are actually cast.

Big Brother Canada Week 9 Eviction Vote:

Neda votes to evict: Adel

Heather votes to evict: Adel

Adel has been evicted from the BBCAN2 house and will go to Jury.

Week 10 Head of Household Competition:

The Final Four are in the backyard and ready to compete. Well, Sabrina, Neda, and Heather are. Jon can’t play since he won the last one. Whichever person wins will be guaranteed a spot in the Final Three for season 2.

Sabrina still hasn’t won an HoH, John is not happy about not being able to play. Neda doesn’t want to leave the Big Brother Canada house, she wants to stay forever!

Round 1: Heather is wrong.

Round 2: Everyone is correct.

Round 3: Everyone is correct.

And that’s all we get tonight. We’ll have to wait until Sunday night to find out who won… or wait until the Live Feeds come back on later tonight and we get the spoilers to share with you!

Oh great. Host Arisa Cox announces the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds will be turned off for good starting on Sunday morning so we don’t get ANY spoilers about the finale next Thursday night! No fair!

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