After the Head of Household Competition on Thursday was cut off midway through on the show, we had to turn to the Live Feeds for our Big Brother Canada spoilers on who won. This challenge was extremely important for all of the Houseguests, because whichever one grabbed the win would be guaranteed a spot in the Final Three.

Big Brother Canada Head of Household

Of the final four Big Brother Canada cast members, only Jon was not allowed to play in this week’s Head of Household challenge. As the outgoing HoH, he was forced to just sit by the sidelines and watch Neda, Sabrina, and Heather battle it out. Not a good spot to be in for Jon, who could very well end up the primary target for the girls to try to get out before the final three.

The beginning of the Head of Household Competition was aired on Thursday night but cut off after round 3 with Heather one point behind. We then had to wait for quite a while for the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds to kick back on so we could find out who was the winner.

Even when the Live Feeds did finally come back on, it took a while to figure out who had nabbed the win. Neda, Heather, and Jon all looked pretty unhappy though, so it looked like Sabrina grabbed it. Finally, we learned that it was indeed her who managed to walk away with the last Head of Household Competition win before the big finale challenge.

We have to wonder if Neda and Heather are now feeling pretty crappy about getting rid of Adel because they thought he’d be more likely to win this HoH challenge than Sabrina. Jokes on them! Sabrina is now the first guaranteed member of the final three for Big Brother Canada season 2.


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