Big Brother Canada Casting and Launch Details

We’re oh so close to Big Brother 14 premiering that we just latch on to any good Big Brother 2012 gossip. And this one benefits our friends north of the border! As we previously reported Big Brother Canada will be making it’s english language debut in Canada in 2012/2013. We now have a few more details on the show including casting details. We’ve also got some info on where you can watch Big Brother: After Dark this year. Read on!

Beginning Thursday, July 12 faithful Canadian viewers will be able to catch all the latest action from the Big Brother (US) house 7 days a week on Shaw’s speciality channel SliceUnfortunately, Big Brother: After Dark will air about 2 hours behind Showtime 2 – it will start at 2 am and run till 5 am. It’s unclear if it’ll be the pre-recorded version from Showtime or if it’ll actually be live. Will let you know if we find out.

And now for Big Brother Canada details! According to Shaw Media’s Advertising site  casting for Big Brother Canada is expected to start this July (that’s next month!) and last until January of 2013. That gives you 7 months to perfect the perfect casting tape and make sure you make it into the Big Brother house!


Here are the actual dates thanks to the Shaw Media Advertising Site

  • On Air Promotion for Casting – July 12
  • Online Casting Submissions – August 10
  • Cross country starts tour September 24
  • House construction will start in September in Toronto and will contain and indoor/outdoor set
  • Show will begin Feb 18 for 10 weeks with 3 one hour episodes per week
  • Shows will include 2 pre-taped episodes and 1 live eviction episode
All of the format changes in the US version will appear in the Canadian version including Head of Household, Veto, Luxury Competitions etc;. There will also be a jury that will decide the winner of Big Brother and will be sequestered in a separate location.

What is a little bit troubling in this advertising release is that they are open to sponsorship opportunities from companies who want to sponsor the series. That includes “Casting Call Partnership, Challenge Integration, Grand Prize provider, Branded rooms and more.” Branded rooms? Is it possible instead of the Have/Have Not Room we’ll have the Swiss Chalet presents the Have/Have Not Room?

I guess time will only tell! Are you applying for Big Brother Canada? Let us know in the comments!

Please Note: We are NOT affiliated with the production of Big Brother Canada. Please DO NOT email us regarding casting as we will not respond. For information on Big Brother Canada casting please visit the official website at