Big Brother 2012 Spoilers: Big Brother 14 Live Feeds July 14 Review

Lots of great game play Big Brother 2012 spoilers ahead in our Big Brother live feed recap from Saturday. Yesterday in the Big Brother 14 house was a day full of bikinis and BS as the Big Brother 2012 cast continued to scheme against each other. Even though the majority of the Big Brother 14 cast spent half the day by the pool, there was still plenty of plotting to go around.


This post contains Big Brother 2012 spoilers from the Big Brother 14 live feeds. Please top reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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8:00 AM BBT

Shaney Meaney and Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin are the first to stir in the house Saturday morning. Boogie is trying to convince Shane, who holds the Power of Veto, to pull his player, Frank Eudy, off the eviction block in exchange for a promise of safety. Shane, however, is not really interested and pretty much lets Boogie know he is not likely to change the nominations to save Frank. The houseguests are having it rough physically this year. Shane is in pain from hurting himself lifting weights. He’s got on a brace, which he wants to take off, and he’s taking Advil. He looks stiff and ouchy.

9:00 AM BBT

Chef Joe Arvin and Frank talk. Frank is trying to fool Joe into believing he isn’t tight with his coach, Mike Boogie. Joe is trying to bait Frank into revealing anything he can about what kind of game play he is involved in. Joe tells Frank he heard Boogie wants to target him to be evicted. Frank says this is true, but only if Kara Monaco was taken off the block or wasn’t evicted.

Joe decides to actually talk to Mike Boogie and calls him over, telling him he’s heard Boogie wants to put him on the block. Boogie says he wants Frank off the block and he mentioned several names, Joe’s just being one of them. He talks about Wil being entertaining and fun, so people will want to keep him around. He talks about the ladies being social players. He’s trying to convince Joe he is not specifically targeting him.

They all poke fun at ‘Jersey Shore’ JoJo Spatafora. Boogie calls her a child. Boogie is nasty about Danielle Murphree being lazy and not cleaning up after herself. He wants to see JoJo and Danielle get into it. He sees through Danielle’s lie that she is a kindergarten teacher because she knows too much about medicine. He thinks she is a nurse and the others agree with him. Boogie wonders if she is lying because she is trying to make it seem like she doesn’t have money.

Next they talk about Boogie’s team youngster, Ian Terry, and how he’s always going around the bathroom when the girls are in the shower and they are not happy about it. Boogie says he is going to nip that in the butt.

9:40 AM BBT

Frank is talking to Boogie alone and says he’s been putting it around to everyone that he is trying to separate himself from Boogie. Boogie really likes this plan because Frank can go spy on the other teams. Boogie tells Frank not to lay it on too think, just to tell people he wants to be independent, not tied down to whatever Boogie wants. Boogie says it is obvious Ian is going to be a target. He tells Frank to take it easy and be friendly and good to make people like him.

10:23 AM BBT

JoJo is smoking with Willie Hantz and tells him she told Kara she was going to vote Frank out. Willie tells her to say they haven’t made any deicision yet. Joe and Ashley Iocco join them. JoJo thinks Shane is a bigger target now because he was so good in the Power of Veto competition. The Big Brother 2012 cast houseguests are thinking the Power of Veto Ceremony will take place on Sunday because the PoV competition was a day earlier than usual. The PoV ceremony usually happens on Mondays.

11:00 AM BBT

Boogie takes Ian to task for hanging out around the bathroom too much while the ladies are in the shower. Ian talks to JoJo about the conversation. She says she doesn’t mind what he sees, but she doesn’t want the people watching on the Big Brother 2012 live feeds to know that. Is she dense?

11:25 AM BBT

One of the biggest Big Brother 2012 spoilers to come rolling off the Big Brother 14 live feeds the past few days is the strengthening alliance between Janelle Pierzina and Team Britney Haynes. A large portion of Team Janelle and Team Britney are up in the Head of Household room plotting. This tentative alliance between the two teams has the potential to rule the Big Brother 14 cast this season unless either Dan Gheesling pulls a miracle out of his bum, or Mike Boogie can somehow drive them apart.

11:30 AM BBT

Pool time begins in the Big Brother 14 house! Danielle and JoJo are the first to change into their bikinis and head out into the backyard to catch some rays. Frank and Kara follow them out shortly. Soon the majority of the Big Brother 2012 cast are lounging about near the pool showing off their bikinis or bare chests. Check out a whole slew of photos from bikini time here.

12:00 PM BBT

Team Britney and Team Janelle are a powerful force sweeping through the house to decimate the other teams as quickly as possible. They are aware that Ian is spying for Mike Boogie. Danielle, meanwhile, has been pegged as a loser in the game because she came in looking for someone to hook up with. Janelle weirdly talks about getting Frank to nominate his teammate Ian for eviction, but then a while later says she thinks Frank is really tight with Boogie. Janelle needs to thinking a bit more clearly. Wil says they need to be careful about both Ian and Jenn Arroyo. Shane thinks they need to target Ian, Jenn, and then Frank. Janelle says Kara first, then Danielle, to get Dan out.

12:35 PM BBT

Britney and Wil Heuser have the cutest little dance/exercise routine. I just love Wil. He’s so adorable. You have to rewind your Big Brother live feeds to watch this bit. Willie comes along a bit later in this bit and plays with them, it is too funny.

1:10 PM BBT

Willie plays on the thoughts some have had that Ian is in the role of America’s Player, and talks to camera to say America should get Ian to turn on his coach, Boogie.

1:30 PM BBT

Willie is in the Head of Household room talking to Janelle and Britney about being the brother of Russell Hantz from Survivor. He says someone already called him ‘Russell’ in the Big Brother 14 house. He doesn’t want anyone to be saying he didn’t tell anyone, so his alliance knows and he can say the people he trusted knew. Janelle just says to tell people he couldn’t say anything because Russell didn’t sign a release.

1:40PM BBT

Jenn really, really needs to learn how to eat with her mouth closed. She’s got food stuck to her face, food is flying around as she chews and talks with an open mouth full of sandwich. Gross Jenn.

2:55 PM BBT

Danielle says she didn’t tell anyone except her godparents she was doing Big Brother. She says she wasn’t speaking with her dad, who used to be a “raging alcoholic” before he was saved. She says he’s really controlling and he’s told her he thinks she is going to hell. She says her mom is also a control freak.

3:00 PM BBT

Frank is talking to Shane in the Storage Room. Frank says his side of the house is looking super weak and he is trying his best to separate himself from his coach because everyone wants Mike Boogie out of the house.

Shane says he and Willie will come talk to Frank and give him an option in his best interest. He says they are looking out for Frank. Shane wants himself, Willie, and Frank to do a deal. Frank says if he stays and is around next week, he would vote for whoever Shane and Willie want, which he assumes will be Danielle. Frank knows Dan is gunning for him to keep Kara safe from eviction. Shane thinks at some point there will be a team trade and Frank says he is so ready to jump ship off Mike’s team.

3:03 PM BBT

JoJo, Kara and Shane are in the bathroom doing a gross prank with a condom. JoJo squeezes face cleaner over the condom while Shane holds it. They wrap it in a tissue. Shane gets in a subtle hint that his equipment is “large” by complaining the provided condoms are too small. They wad it up and put it in the shower. They put the condom wrapper in the trash with the label up. JoJo and Shane run off to get a pair of Ian’s underwear and squeeze some of the face cleaner in it. The Voice From Above tells them to “Stop That!” before they do. Shane apologizes to The Voice and says it was “my bad.” (Later the prank totally fails. No one believes it and Ian ends up having to clean it up. Poor Ian.)

3:15 PM BBT

Danielle and Head of Household Willie are up in the HoH room talking game. Danielle tells Willie that Frank approached her to vote against Kara, in exchange for keeping Willie safe for two weeks, but then he would plan to put up Willie and Shane. Danielle tells Willie she is going to vote against Frank at eviction, but Willie is not spilling his strategy. Willie says Boogie made a mistake giving his coach’s competition save to Ian. Danielle tries to work on getting Willie on her side, promising a safety deal pact with him. She says if she wins Head of Household next time she is going to work to get Ian out. Britney comes in and tells them to stop taking game on the hammock. Danielle is still trying to get Willie on her team’s side to save Kara from eviction.

4:00 PM BBT

Britney is talking to Willie again about how Frank is a threat in the house for the future. Yet, she is still going with his plan to get Kara out of the house to hurt Dan because it would leave him with only Danielle on his team.

4:30 PM BBT

It is hard to tell if JoJo really understands that everything she is saying and doing is being recorded and broadcast on the Big Brother live feeds all day and all night. Now she’s telling Britney how she got her boyfriend to buy her a car and pay for her phone without even having to screw him. She says she promised she’d come back to him after she was on Big Brother 14, but she was just using him to get her stuff. She tells Britney not to tell anyone because she doesn’t want anyone to know… except the thousands of people watching her on the Big Brother live feeds. Is JoJo an idiot? Or just acting like one?

5:00 PM BBT

Speaking of clueless Big Brother 2012 cast houseguests, Danielle is all telling her coach Dan that she has worked it to save Kara from being evicted. She has done nothing of the sort and she is just being played all around. Dan gives her congrats on her gaming, which leads me to believe Dan is either being patronizing or he’s a dumbass this season. They talk about how they are so going to win Big Brother 14. Which is so not going to happen.

6:05 PM BBT

Are Shane and Ashley flirting? Hmmmm. Note to Shane, it is not so sexy to tell a girl she can wax your chest.

6:10 PM BBT

Everyone is loving on Chef Joe’s cooking. Is his plan to cook his way to the finale working?

6:40 PM BBT

Janelle and Britney are walking around the backyard. Janelle is talking about how dangerous it is to keep Frank in the house. Boogie joins them. Talk turns to Joe’s cooking. Janelle says sleeping in the Have Not Room is injuring people. (Which is true.)

6:55PM BBT

Ian, Dan, JoJo, and Boogie are talking in the backyard. Ian says he is voting for Romney. Dan says Ian just lost half his fan base. Dan says whoever has the most money in politics wins.

7:00 PM BBT

Janelle is waffling about having her team and Britney’s team target Kara and thinks maybe they should be going after Frank as the stronger player instead. Then she waffles right back to thinking it should still be Kara. She talks to Wil in the lounger. She says Frank told her he doesn’t want to work with Boogie and that he hates him. Wil says he doesn’t believe it. This conversation is a really good one for Big Brother 2012 spoilers about the plotting going down in the Big Brother 14 house. I recommend a rewind on the Big Brother live feeds to get the full rundown. There is a lot, lot more.

7:26 PM BBT

Shane and Willie are talking in the HoH room. Sane tells Willie he will not use the Power of Veto to change the eviction nominations. Shane thinks if Frank was loyal, it would be better to have him as an ally. However, Frank is a strong competitor, so if they keep Kara, they can get rid of a possible future threat. He says Janelle was wanting them to get rid of Kara. Willie says it seems to change daily. Willie says he thinks the best move right now is to get rid of Kara to hurt Dan. Willie says he is going to have to talk to Frank about dropping the HoH next week, but then again, they might need him to win HoH to save them. Frankly, I’m just getting confused here and not sure what the hell people are thinking, LOL!

7:35PM BBT

Willie talls Shane he is the brother of Russell Hantz from Survivor.

9:50 PM BBT

Janelle is talking again about Frank versus Kara for elimination. Joe thinks they should be working to get out Frank instead. Janelle is still (mostly) behind getting Kara out as a step toward getting rid of Dan.

10:45 PM BBT

The big motive behind the move from Janelle and Britney to evict Frank is really to work on getting rid of Dan. The two strongly believe at some point the veterans will be thrown into the regular game and have to compete against everyone else. If that happens, they do not want to be going against Dan.

12:00 AM BBT

Boogie talks to Frank about the possibility of his eviction. Boogie says they need to work hard on Willie and Shane to get them on their site before the eviction on Thursday because the odds are about even at this point, he thinks. They are still pretty much in the dark about the whole Janelle/Britney team consolidation at this point to get Kara out of the house instead.

Janelle, Wil and Dan are talking about exercising, exercising… and then a minute later are all bout chocolate chip cookies. Funny.


Willie tells Frank he needs to know Frank is on the up and up. Frank says he can totally trust him. They have the opportunity to cripple Dan’s team. Willie just wants to believe Frank is not dealing behind his back. Willie tells Frank they are working to save him, but he has got to be sure Frank is nog going to put him on the block or backdoor him in the future. Frank says he would put Danielle up if he won HoH. Willie says he can do whatever if he wins it.

Kara and Wil talk about the players. Kara says Frank is really smart and trouble. Wil says Frank was an alternate last year. Kara says she hates floaters. Wil thinks Joe is overplaying. Kara likes Willie and Shane and JoJo. Wil says if Boogie hadn’t given his coach’s competition save to Ian, Ian would be the one going home. Kara thinks everyone needs to be trying to get out Boogie’s team first. Kara says Ian will vote to evict her and everything epends on Willie. Wil says he is going to try to help Kara get votes. Wil thinks Kara might have the opportunity to come back if she gets evicted. (I don’t think so.)

Frank, Joe and Jenn talk. (Well, Jenn not so much.) Joe tells Frank that everyone under Janelle will vote as a team.

Dan coaches Kara about game play. Kara says everyone is gunning for her because they are scared of Dan. Kara says she just doesn’t know where she stands. Dan says he thinks she has about a 75% chance of staying. He tells her to stay calm. She says she is only freaking out to him. (Not entirely dear.)

Shane and Danielle are flirting and talking about snuggling.

The other houseguests try to help ‘educate’ Ian about girls and he is assigned to ask Ashley on a date after the Power of Veto ceremony.

Willie confesses to Wil that he is the brother of Survivor villain Russell Hantz.

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