Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Power of Veto Ceremony Week 1

The Big Brother 14 Power of Veto ceremony for week 1 is now over and we have the Big Brother 2012 spoilers for you here on the results! The Big Brother 14 cast houseguests have been plotting and scheming like mad to try to make sure their choice for eviction is on the block at voting time.

Was the Power of Veto used to change the eviction nominees? Who is on the block going into the first Big Brother 14 eviction vote? Read on for our Big Brother 14 spoilers on the first Power of Veto Ceremony and find out!

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[spoiler name=”Week 1 Veto Ceremony Results”]

Going into the Power of Veto Ceremony on Sunday, Shane held the PoV. Everyone has been after him the past few days to make sure he used it (or didn’t use it) to their best advantage. You can read up on all the Big Brother 14 spoilers on the plotting and dealing in our recap from Saturday’s Big Brother live feeds here.

In the end, Shane decided he would NOT use the Power of Veto, leaving the nominations of Head of Household Willie HantzKara Monaco and Frank Eudy, on the block. [/spoiler]

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