Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Week 10 Power of Veto Ceremony Results (09/03/18)

The queen of saying “Let’s go” has won another Power of Veto. Last week, Kaycee Clark decided not to use the Veto, which resulted in Faysal Shafaat leaving the Big Brother 20 house. This week, Kaycee has the option to save either Scottie Salton or Haleigh Broucher. Both players are members of the former other side.

Big Brother Power of Veto Ceremony

Kaycee’s best friend, Tyler Crispen, is on the Head of Household. If Kaycee used the Veto, she would be completely going against his wishes. She not only loves Tyler as a friend, but she respects him as a player. We would be completely shocked if she used the Veto to save Scottie or Haleigh.

The only way Kaycee would use the Veto is if she wanted to make some last minute major game move. Kaycee would have to had planned something with Tyler prior to the Power of Veto ceremony for it to work. Right now, both Tyler and Kaycee are in the best game positions. They have the majority of the house on their side, and Haleigh and Scottie are the only two odd players out. It would hurt their position to try to save one of them.

We expect Kaycee to not use the Veto. Did Kaycee do anything to shake up the competition?


*********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Kaycee did not use the Veto. On Thursday, Haleigh or Scottie will live the house and become part of the jury.

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