Big Brother Over the Top: Power of Veto Comp Results (11/14/16)

The last three Big Brother Over the Top power of veto competitions have determined the outcome of the week. They meant the difference between certain eviction or getting a new lease at the BBOTT life. This week, the Big Brother Over the Top power of veto once again held all the power.

Big Brother Over the Top Jason Roy

It could have meant the difference between Danielle Lickey, Morgan Willett, or Jason Roy leaving the Big Brother Over the Top house. America nominating Morgan meant that Shelby Stockton and her were both playing to take Morgan off the block.

Justin Duncan promised to take Morgan off if he won veto as well. However, Shelby didn’t want to depend on anyone but Morgan or her to win the veto.

Around 1:00 PST, Big Brother informed the final six BBOTT players about the competition. They then picked the order of playing the veto. It went like this: Jason, Shelby, Justin, Kryssie Ridolfi, Danielle, and Morgan.

This week’s power of veto competition was all about dominoes. Houseguests had to set up dominoes to go across a single path. They had to make sure their dominoes went through certain openings. Each opening was an answer to a question. The questions had two possible answers. The houseguests had to make sure they chose the right answer. If they chose incorrectly, they got a three minute penalty. There was a maximum of 3 penalties (9 minutes total).


The final scores were:

Jason: 14:58 (1, 3 minute penalty)

Shelby: 9:38 (no penalties)

Justin: 14:18 (1, 3minute penalty)

Kryssie: 16:06 (1, 3 minute penalty)

Danielle: 23: 13 (no penalty)

Morgan: 19:37 (2, 3 minute penalties)

Shelby won this week’s power of veto!

She will use it to remove Morgan from the Big Brother Over the Top block. As America’s nominee, no one goes up in her place. This leaves Danielle and Jason as the final nominees. One of them will leave the Big Brother Over the Top house on Wednesday.

Big Brother Over the Top

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