Big Brother 25 Power of Veto Week 7 Ceremony Results (09/18/23)

Big Brother 24 Power of Veto Ceremony

Cameron had a chance to save his Big Brother 25 life by playing in the Power of Veto Competition. He came close but ultimately Jag beat him. This makes the plan to name him as the replacement nominee pretty much set. Cameron also realizes he’s about to be the replacement nominee as he begins campaigning for his Big Brother life. 

However, the real big question going into this Power of Veto Ceremony wasn’t the replacement nominee, but who would remain on the Block between America and Cory. Jag eventually decided to use the Veto on Cory, leaving America and Cameron as the final nominees. Despite Cameron starting the momentum to wake up the houseguests to Jared and Cirie’s game, no one wants to work with him.

It would be a complete surprise if Cameron could flip the votes on Thursday to get America voted out of the game. Cory and she have really been positioning themselves well in the game since the whole fight with Jared. It would take a miracle to save Cameron this week. 

So did everything go as planned with Cameron going on the Block and Cory coming off it? Read below to find out. 



Jag used the Veto to save Cory. Jared named Cameron as a replacement nominee. This leaves America and Cameron on the block going into Thursday’s double eviction. We’ll have to wait to see if Cameron can flip the votes on America, and who will be going out of the game with the first evictee during the double eviction.

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