Big Brother 25 Power of Veto Week 7 Competition Results (0916/23)

Big Brother 24 Big Brother Power of Veto

This Big Brother 25 week had the potential to be straightforward. Whether that means boring is up to the watcher. Jared started his Big Brother Head of Household week with one plan: nominate America and Cory as pawns, but his real target has always been Cameron. He wanted to backdoor him. This made the Power of Veto draw more important than ever. If Cameron won Veto, then that would put a wrench in the plan to backdoor him.

He could also then save Cory or America, which would force Jared to nominate a player that he’s trying to rebuild a relationship with, likely Jag or Bowie. Earlier today, the Big Brother Power of Veto players were chosen. The players chosen were Jag, Cameron, and Bowie, along with nominees America and Cory, and HOH Jared.

This clearly added an extra layer of difficulty with Cameron playing in the Veto Competition. He’s also a wild card who may or may not use it if he wins it. Therefore, Cirie made a questionable suggestion for Jared to nominate her if Cameron won the Veto and used it. She saw this as a way for Jared to further work to repair his relationships with people in the game.

It would disassociate them and help him gain trust again with players such as Cameron. Cirie also mentioned that she would be okay leaving. She only worried that Jared would be alone in the game and only have Blue. Cirie felt the move would wipe his slate clean, especially with Cameron.

She said it would also eliminate him from dirting his hand even more in the game. She just wanted him to position himself better and saw this as a possible way to do it. Jared wasn’t so sure about this idea and plan. However, it would only matter if Cameron won the Power of Veto.

So who won this week’s Big Brother 25 Power of Veto Competition?



Jag won the Power of Veto. Therefore, it looks like the backdoor plan is a go.

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