Big Brother 25 Episode 20 Recap: That’s A Spicy Meatball

Tonight on Big Brother 25, a new Head of Household will be crowned. The infamous endurance wall competition was started at the end of the last episode. This time, the competition is Attack of the 50-Foot Meatball, named after former Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez.


This HOH is extremely important this week as the house flipped at the last minute before the eviction. Izzy Gleicher was sent home after Cory Wurtenburger and America Lopez exposed the Seven Deadly Sins alliance, causing chaos in the Big Brother 25 house.

Big Brother 25 House Lies Exposed Before Live Eviction

Cirie Fields and Jared Fields suspect that Izzy is the target instead of Felicia Cannon. Cirie approached Jared and asked him to see what information he could find in the Big Brother 25 house.

Jared went to speak with Matt Klotz and set him up to get the truth out on the table. Jared lied and told Matt that Jag Bains had instructed him to vote to evict Izzy tonight. When Jared told this to Matt, he could not believe that Jag had thrown him and others under the bus for divulging information that was to remain secret.

Cory and Matt could determine why Jag would give up this information. The house is in utter chaos over the vote flip. Jared decided to bring Matt and Cory together to get to the bottom of the lies.

BB25 Cory Wurtenburger

During the talk, Cory admitted to Jared that he felt Jared had been lying to him. Cory let it be known that the other houseguests had finally compared notes and exposed Jared and all his lies. Cory asked if Jag should be brought into this, and Jared said he didn’t care. Now, Jag is brought into the conversation.

Cirie and Jag join the ordeal. Jag confirmed that it was a lie that he told Jared to keep Felicia and target Izzy instead. Jared tried to claim it was all a misunderstanding, but people are not buying that story. Cirie does her best with damage control, but it’s obvious that the damage is done. Lies have been told, and lies have been exposed.

Big Brother 25 Week Seven Head of Household Competition

We start right where we left the Big Brother 25 houseguests hanging on the endurance wall for dear life. To make things more challenging this time, gigantic meatballs sporadically slam into the players, leaving a red sauce trail behind them. Of course, a good dousing of slime doesn’t help houseguests hold on tight either.

After the chaos caused just before the live eviction with the vote flip, Jared and Cirie are in danger of being out on the block for eviction this week. With that said, Cirie was the first to fall from the wall. Felicia was not too far behind Cirie.

BB25 HOH Competition

After 38 minutes into the competition, just three houseguests remain Jared, Blue Kim, and Bowie Jane. The next casualty is Blue at the 43-minute mark, and Bowie falls right behind her. Jared is the next Head of Household. This is his second HOH competition win.

Many of the houseguests are unhappy with Jared winning the HOH this week. In particular, Cory, America, Jag, and last week’s HOH Cameron Hardin are worried they will be Jared’s target this week.

Once in his HOH room, Jared spoke with his mom about the week’s nominations. He suggested that he originally nominate Cory and America to the block, then back door Cameron with the POV for eviction this week.

Big Brother 25 Week Seven Block Nomination Ceremony

At the block nomination ceremony, Jared nominated Cory and America to the block for possible eviction this week. Jared explained that Cory should not have aired his dirty laundry in front of other houseguests. He told America the nomination was not a personal decision. It was strictly game-related.

Join us again this Wednesday, September 20 at 8 PM EST for the Power of Veto competition.


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