Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Week 7 Block Nominations (09/15/23)

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The current Head of Household Jared knew his plan for the week even before the usual meetings began. Luckily for Jared, not so lucky for the rest of the house, he had plenty of target options. Prior to Thursday’s eviction, Jared got into a heated argument with Cory. This exposed a lot of Jared’s game, but it also allowed him the freedom to not have to placate anyone in the house. This also meant that Jared was one of the Big Brother 25 players most in danger of being the target going into the wall competition. 

Though Jared won two of his three Big Brother competitions by default, this one has shown that he does have the ability to win physical competitions. Therefore, because his game has been exposed and his only true allies are now Felicia and Cirie, he’s even more in danger going into the Double Eviction. He should use his Head of Household week to try to fix his standing in the game.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t seem like he’s going to be doing that right now (or at least he’s trying, but the game seems unrepairable). Instead, he wants to backdoor the only other person who has officially won multiple competitions: Cameron. Jared plans to nominate America and Cory this week. Initially, he spoke of nominating Jag and Cory. Likely he chose to not nominate Jag because he may want to try to rebuild bridges with Jag’s close allies Matt and Blue

Jared knows his relationship with Cory and America is not going to be fixed. So he planned to make the safe nominations with them on the Block. However, Cameron remains his backdoor plan, but he said he would be fine if the backdoor fails and he has to take out Cory or America this week.

So did Jared still to his plan to nominate the other showmance in the game? Read below to find out.



Jared nominated Cory and America for eviction. Join us tomorrow to find out who wins the Power of Veto Competition.

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