Big Brother 20 Episode 33 Recap: Block Nominations & BB Proposal

Kaycee Clark solidified Level 6’s domination in the Big Brother 20 house over the last month when she won her third comp out of her last four attempts.  Kaycee has won the last 2 Power of Veto competitions, and she just capped those wins off with her first Head of Household victory.  Level 6, with Kaycee’s help, are stream rolling through the rest of the Big Brother house as of late.  Tonight, Kaycee will put 2 houseguests on the block for possible eviction on Thursday…and don’t forget this week is Double Eviction week in the Big Brother 20 house.

Big Brother 20 Kaycee Clark

Kaycee doesn’t have many choices for her block nominees this week as we are getting down to the wire.  Other than her own alliance members, Tyler Crispen, Angela Rummans, and Brett Robinson, she can pick 2 of the 3 remaining houseguests to nominate: Haleigh Broucher, JC Moundiux, or Sam Bledsoe to the block for eviction.  JC has proven to be a close ally to Level 6 although not a full-fledged member.  Sam is just Sam, but Haleigh has put Kaycee on the block twice this season.  Tonight might be time for revenge even though Kaycee and Haleigh have grown closer over the last couple of weeks in the Big Brother house.

Head of Household Win Celebration

Brett is still a little sour that he lost the HOH competition by less than a second.  In the end though, he knows Kaycee should make the best decisions for their alliance, Level 6.  He is happy that he will get through another week without any blood on his hands.

Big Brother 20 Kaycee Clark

Kaycee shared her HOH room reveal with the remaining houseguests.   She read a touching and heart warming letter from her brother which brought most of the house to tears.  Kaycee said this reboot with winning HOH and receiving pictures and letters from back home was just what she needed to keep her Big Brother game on track.

Block Nominations Talk

Kaycee realizes she has just a few choices for her block nominees this week.  She has pretty much decided that Haleigh is her target this week.  JC has worked with Level 6 more than Sam and therefore, Sam needs to be her pawn this week.

Kaycee wanted to make sure Sam didn’t have a mental breakdown by being the pawn and nominated to the block this week.  Sam took the info with a grain of salt and told Kaycee that she wasn’t as dumb as everyone thought she was in the house.  In the end, Sam seemed to take the info well from Kaycee that she would be the block pawn this week.

Big Brother Proposal Party

Big Brother fans are in store for a special treat tonight when former houseguests stop by for a visit with a very special purpose.  There will be a proposal party tonight, and BB fandom gets to watch as two of our favorite houseguests become engaged, right where their first spark ignited.

Big Brother 20 Victor Arroyo

Nicole Franzel, winner of season 18, stopped in the Big Brother house to host a luxury competition, or so she was told.  When she entered the house and none of the houseguests were anywhere to be found (they were held up in the HOH room), Victor Arroyo (fellow season 18 houseguest) appeared on the living room TV screen.  After a very heart touching message played on the TV for Nicole from Victor, he appeared in the Big Brother house to surprise her with…a wedding proposal.  She, of course, said yes and will soon be the Mrs. Victor Arroyo.

Shortly after the engagement, some other Big Brother alumni stopped by the house to join the celebration.  Derrick Levasseur, season 16 winner, Josh Martinez, season 19 winner, Paul Abrahamian, season 18 and 19 runner-up, Britney Haynes, seasons 12 and 14, and finally Daniele Donato, seasons 8 and 13, all shared the excitement with Nicole and Victor and all of the remaining season 20 Big Brother houseguests.

Big Brother 20 Wedding Proposal

Congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs. Victor Arroyo!

Week 11 Nomination Ceremony

As expected, Kaycee nominated Haleigh and Sam at the nominations ceremony.  Now, they will both have the opportunity to save their games by winning the Power of Veto competition later this week.

Big Brother 20 Block Nominations Week 11

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Big Brother 20

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