Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 81 Highlights: Another Victory for Level 6

This week is shaping up to be another dud Big Brother 20 week. Yesterday, the houseguests waited around the majority of the day for the Power of Veto comp. They tried to spice up the day with some games and stories. However, not much could save the evening.

Big Brother 20 Level 6

Near 8:00pm BBT, the houseguests finally started the Veto. It took About four hours before Kaycee Clark was declared the Veto winner for her third week in a row. Prior to the Power of Veto competition, the houseguests went over “what if” scenarios. JC Mounduix started to feel the pressure of what could happen to his game this week.

JC went through his usual, “I am protecting you” spew to Tyler Crispen. He made it very clear that he wanted Brett Robinson on the block, and not him if Haleigh Broucher or Sam Bledsoe won the Veto. Tyler agreed but of course JC would have been the replacement nominee if either of the nominees saved themselves. Of course, neither did so it was business as usual.

Big Brother 20 Brett Robinson and Jc Mounduix

Following the Veto, the houseguests gave more details about this BB Comics Veto. It had some changes from the normal one, like the players hanging on a helicopter instead of zip lining across a wall. Whatever display they had for Winston Hines, made the houseguests wonder if he was a twin. Brett said that during his part, he dissed the entire jury members.

He said he forgot that they get to watch the comps. Haleigh felt really disappointed in her performance, finishing last with 18 minutes. Level 6 all placed in the top four. The final order was Kaycee, Tyler, Brett, Angela Rummans, Sam, and Haleigh.

Big Brother Tyler Crispen

Level 6 celebrated another successful week, while Haleigh accepted that she was probably going home this week. In case of a double this week, JC made sure to let Tyler know that he planned to take a shot at Angela.

Let’s see if JC can ever pull off a win and make some moves.

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