Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 54 Highlights: The Hive Scrambles to Save Rockstar

Like most Big Brother 20 Sunday nights, it was more of a relaxing day for the houseguests. They enjoyed some time lounging outside and Snapchat fun. Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans spent a lot of time together, which sent red flags to the Hive side. This kicked Angie “Rockstar” Lantry, Faysal Shafaat, and Haleigh Broucher’s campaigning into high gear.

Big Brother 20 Angie "Rockstar" Lantry and Haleigh Broucher

Now more sober, Haleigh made the same pitch as her tub pitch. In it, she promised Tyler safety at least until the final six because of all the numbers she had on her side. Haleigh also reminded Tyler that Kaycee Clark and Angela only became his friends last week, and he should remember how the Hive members have been there for him.

After every pitch, the Hive would believe that they got through to Tyler, but then he would go back to talking to Angela. By the end of the night, the group was in a slight panic, but believed that they could still maybe get through to Tyler. Meanwhile, Tyler and Angela continued to grow closer. She finally shared some personal details with him, especially related to her gymnastic and pole vaulting history.

Big Brother 20 Jc Mounduix and Tyler Crispen

Kaycee spoke to Sam Bledsoe to see where her head was at in the game. Sam admitted that she was feeling left out with Kaycee and Tyler. She thought Angela was replacing her in their trio. Kaycee reassured Sam that this was not the cast.

Last night, Tyler and Angela also worked to secure JC Mounduix to their side. It seemed to work because JC declared his loyalty to them and plans to vote out Rockstar this week instead of Kaycee.

In a few hours the Big Brother Power of Veto competition will take place. It’s likely to create a lot of tension and stress for the Hive. Join us later today for the results.

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