Big Brother 20 Episode 21 Recap: Haleigh’s Hive is on the Edge

After another blindside eviction last Thursday evening that was orchestrated by the Level 6 alliance, Queen Bay (Bayleigh Dayton) was sent out the Big Brother door as the first member of this season’s jury.  By taking such a hard hit, the Hive alliance desperately needed a Head of Household victory, and just when they needed it the most, Haleigh Broucher came through for them again.  As the new HOH, on the heels of being last week’s BB Hacker, Haleigh has definitely made a splash in the overall Big Brother competition lately.

Big Brother 20 Haleigh Broucher

When another member of their alliance was voted out last week, the Hive was holding on by a thread.  Even with the HOH win this week, they still have an uphill battle in front of them.  Haleigh’s power can be striped down just like she did to Angela’s HoH last week with the BB Hacker power.  In addition, Tyler Crispen still holds the Cloud App Reward which can save him from a nomination to the block for eviction.  Then there’s always that pesky Power of Veto.  Haleigh and her tribe need to win the Hacker competition if they have any chance of making waves this week in the Big Brother house.

Live Eviction Aftermath

Now that Bayleigh, a leading member of the Hive alliance, has been eliminated, how will the alliance manage to bounce back from losing another member?

Faysal Shafaat completely broke down after the live eviction vote.  He was very distraught because he has to chose between Rockstar Lantry and Bayleigh to go.  In the end, he confessed that he decided he had to vote with the house and vote for Bayleigh to be evicted.

On the other side of the house, Sam Bledsoe was just as emotional as Fessy after the eviction.  She revealed to all the houseguests that she was the one vote for Bayleigh to stay in the game.  She apologized to Rockstar for voting for her eviction, but Sam explained that she didn’t want Bayleigh to feel as though no one wanted her in the house.  Sam shared that Bayleigh was the closest person she had in the Big Brother house…and now, Bayleigh is gone.

Level 6 alliance is not real pleased with Sam’s emotions lately.  Sam has let her emotions get the best of her and her Big Brother game.  Level 6 is starting to see her as a liability as opposed to an asset for them.  They want to convince Haleigh to put her on the block for eviction this week.

Big Brother 20 Sam Bledsoe

Sam requests a private conversation with Haleigh.  She continues with her emotional and mental breakdown.  She told Haleigh that she feels as though everyone is making fun of her behind her back.  She asked Haleigh straight up who was talking behind her back.  Haleigh immediately threw Angela under the bus for suggesting Sam be nominated to the block.  Sam had a small tirade about how she is the only “real” person in the Big Brother house and says that everyone else is just out for the money.  Has Sam ever watched a season of Big Brother?  She is really starting to crack at the seams and is a liability to the entire house at this point.

Week 7 Eviction Nominees

Haleigh fell short last week in successfully targeting Tyler for eviction from the house as the Big Brother Hacker.  Thanks to the Power of Veto win by the HOH Angela Rummans, Haleigh lost the battle to target Tyler.  Now that Haleigh holds the HOH powers this week, will she target Tyler for eviction?  Will she try and plan a backdoor operation so that he cannot compete in the POV competition?  Being that Tyler is such a proven strong competitor, that would be the smarter move for Haleigh to make.

Haleigh is in control this week, at least for now.  She is starting to consider and discuss who she wants to put on the block for eviction with her alliance.  Tyler is certainly at the top of her list.  She attempted to target him for eviction last week while she had the Big Brother Hacker power, but the HOH was able to thwart those plans.  Now that she has the HOH power this week, she thinks a backdoor plan to evict Tyler is the best route to go.

Big Brother 20 Tyler Crispen

Tyler approached Haleigh to try and convince her to backdoor him, as he knows he will be a target one way or another.  If he is backdoored by Haleigh, he knows that he can use his Cloud Power app and save himself from eviction.  If Haleigh puts him on the block initially, and he uses his app to save himself, Haleigh could win the POV and put him back on the block.  He knows his best move is to convince her to backdoor him so that he can use his app power and save himself.

Big Brother 20 Kaycee Clark Angela Rummans

At the nominations ceremony, Haleigh puts up Angela and Kaycee Clark on the block for eviction.  Angela and Kaycee are targets this week because they are members of the Level 6 alliance.  In reality, Haleigh is going to target Tyler for eviction.  That is her true target for the week.  Tyler is ecstatic as he can now save himself if and when Haleigh puts her backdoor plan in motion.

Week 2 Hacker Competition Results

This new Big Brother twist has definitely added chaos and drama to the house.  This week’s winner has the opportunity to seize and replace one of the block nominees, pick a player to compete in the POV competition, and nullify a vote at the eviction ceremony.  Needless to say, the winner of the final BB Hacker installment of the summer is critical at this point in the game.

Time for the Big Brother Hacker competition.  This competition involves hacking the Big Brother cameras.  The houseguest will see a small fragment of one camera view inside the Big Brother house.  The first 3 houseguests to correctly identify which room of the house is shown, will gain a point.  After seven rounds, the houseguest with the most points wins the competition. After 5 rounds, Kaycee is in the lead by one point.  At the end of round 6, Kaycee is in first place, and Scottie Salton is in second place.  After the final round, Kaycee wins the Big Brother Hacker Competition.

Big Brother 20 Kaycee Clark

As expected, the BB Hacker removed Kaycee from the block for eviction.  The new nominee to the block is Rockstar, who is very upset that she is on the block yet again.  Now, if the Hive doesn’t win the Power of Veto, one of their alliance members could go home during their own HOH week.  The Hive needs to pull it together and win the POV or their Big Brother games are all in jeopardy.

Big Brother 20 Rockstar Lantry

Join us again Wednesday at 7:00pm CST/8:00pm EST for the Power of Veto competition.

Big Brother 20

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