Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Live Feeds Overnight Report – 8/7/2014

We have lots of awesome Big Brother spoilers to share in our overnight report from Wednesday night/Thursday morning. It looks like a major vote flip in the house may actually happen and two of the Houseguests are going to be seriously blindsided when the vote doesn’t go the way they expect!

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)
Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

On Wednesday evening, we saw a sudden vote shift starting to happen on the Big Brother Live Feeds after Caleb expressed doubt in eliminating an ally when there seemed to be very little good reason for it. Cody and Derrick quickly jumped on board this idea. They managed to convince Frankie and Christine of this change of heart by revealing that Hayden and Nicole would have blindsided Frankie if Christine had used the Power of Veto and that they would be going after her soon.

Read all about that craziness in our previous Big Brother Live Feeds report here.

11:58 PM – Frankie tells Hayden that everyone is mad at Zach for all the stuff he’s been saying in the house. He says that no one really wants to see Zach go, but they know he has to. (Remember that Frankie is now voting to keep Zach along with Cody, Christine, and Derrick. He is now lying to Hayden, but Hayden doesn’t know it.)

Frankie lies and tells Hayden he hasn’t gotten a chance to talk to Cody in forever and when they did talk earlier it was just about Zach and all the crap he says. Hayden says he talked to Donny and he is on board to vote Zach out. Frankie says it is going to be a really good eviction show. (Hayden has no idea how good when he and Nicole get blindsided at the vote. Watch their faces closely!)

12:05 AM – Jocasta tells Derrick that Frankie said she was safe but she doesn’t trust him and she’s really nervous about the eviction. Well, Frankie WAS telling her the truth, but now that is all shot to hell. Jocasta says she has Donny and Hayden’s vote but she isn’t sure about anyone else. Derrick tells her to be positive and lies that he thinks she will be fine. Jocasta thinks it might be a split vote and Nicole will have to cast a tie-breaker vote. Jocasta wants to know if she is staying or going so she will know what to wear.

12:25 PM – Derrick tells Frankie that he is being totally honest about Christine saying a bunch of crap about Frankie. Derrick wants to tell Zach about the vote beforehand so if he wins Head of Household, he can target Hayden.. They agree to tell Zach that Hayden and Nicole were trying to get him evicted.

Frankie and Derrick discuss Double Eviction plans. Frankie thinks the dual HoH thing will be going because production has been doing work in the HoH room. He thinks they are going to turn the second HoH bedroom into Pandora’s Box. Then he says oops, I’m not supposed to tell you that. Derrick says if Hayden wins HoH they are in serious trouble.

12:45 AM – Derrick, Cody, Frankie, Christine, and Caleb talk about stuff. Caleb says he wants to do Survivor. Frankie says he would only do it if Caleb was on his tribe. Derrick says it freaked him out when they killed a live chicken last season on the show. Caleb says whenkilled a wild hog with a stick and… Big Brother cuts out the feeds. They come back on. Caleb says he is going to ask to go on Survivor. Zach comes in and practices his eviction poem/speech. Derrick says if he screws that up after practicing it so much, he is voting him out. Zach says sure, go right ahead.

12:55 AM – Hayden says it is hard to have to listen to Frankie. He says Frankie sounded like the vote wasn’t going to be unanimous to get Zach out. He says he asked Frankie if it would be and he said “hopefully” it would. Hayden says he wants to talk to Christine and see what she says. If she isn’t firm on everyone voting out Zach, he will know something is up. Cody tells Hayden that he doesn’t even like being around them anymore.

1:20 AM – Frankie and Caleb spill the dish to Zach that he was being targeted by Nicole and Hayden to evict. They think he is going to go home with a unanimous vote. He is like, oh my god. They tell him he cannot say anything! Frankie, of course, does not reveal how very deep into these plans Zach’s closest allies were. Frankie says they are going to blindside Nicole and Hayden, making them think Zach is going to be evicted, when in fact it will be Jocasta.

Caleb says Hayden and Nicole have also working to put wedges between Frankie and Christine, and Derrick and Cody. Frankie says they might be able to work something out with Hayden later but Nicole has go to go. Derrick joins them and tells Zach he can’t tell Hayden and Nicole anything because they might come after him. Derrick says Victoria won’t vote him out either, he will make sure of her vote. He also assures Zach he is not worried about Christine either.

Meanwhile, Hayden tells Christine that the plant to evict Zach is a go and he just talked to Cody. Christine says it sounds good. Hayden leaves and Christine looks up to the cameras and laughs.

2:00 AM – Frankie cuddle squishes Zach in bed. Caleb tells Zach they have to stay loyal to each other. Caleb says obviously showed his cards and now he’s on the bottom of the pack. Zach tells Frankie and Caleb he is so glad they have his back. (Oh if he only knew how much Frankie was going to vote him out this week and he was only BARELY saved by Caleb questioning the whole thing.)

As much as sometimes we really don’t like Caleb, you have to admit the guy really is loyal to a fault. Well, except for that whole Amber eviction nomination thing. But that was just him being a total idiot over his lust for her.

3:00 AM – Everyone is finally asleep to get some rest before the big Double Eviction day!

More coming soon in our next Big Brother Live Feeds report!

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