Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Wednesday Live Feeds Report – 8/6/2014

Most of the daytime Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds on Wednesday were not very exciting as the Houseguests seemed bent on their plan to expel one of the most entertaining Houseguests of the season. Then, suddenly, everything was thrown into chaos when the sun went down and a massive vote flip came out of nowhere!

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)
Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

We already wrapped up most of the major vote flipping drama from Wednesday night in our special Big Brother Live Feeds report over here. So we’ll just run through a summary of the rest of the day leading up to the madness.

10:15 AM – Big Brother attempts to wake up the Houseguests. Some of them comply. This season the Big Brother 2014 cast seems to love to stay up until all hours of the morning every single night. Thus, mornings are usually pretty slow to get going.

11:10 AM – Nicole and Donny talk about the eviction and agree they are both voting against Zach. Nicole tells him it is the best game move and Zach tried to start an alliance without the two of them in it. She asks Donny what he would do if he won the first Head of Household Competition on Thursday. He says he would put Christine and Caleb on the block with Frankie as the replacement nominee to be backdoored. Nicole appears happy about his answer. They both agree that Christine cannot be trusted and Nicole says she has been lying all over the place.

11:40 AM – Frankie tells Jocasta that she should still be here after the eviction if there is any justice in the world. Outside, Hayden tells Donny that Frankie said they don’t trust Zach and want him out. Hayden says he is voting Zach out but he’s worried about what’s going on. Donny says that if Jocasta stays, it would be a vote for them. Donny says if he wins HoH, he would put up Caleb and Christine.

12:00 PM – Christine tells Frankie she isn’t scared of what Zach might say at the eviction. Frankie says it was so hard to talk to Caleb last night because Zach is always up his a**. Christine says she is nervous about getting Nicole out and she doesn’t want to be the one to do it. If she wasn’t in an alliance she would try to backdoor Caleb. Frankie says Caleb doesn’t have the ability to lie and he has more control over Caleb than Cody. Christine says she has more control over Cody than Caleb.

12:09 PM – Nicole complains that she just found one of her cover ups in Victoria’s basket. She whines that she doesn’t have much and Victoria has plenty and that’s not cool.

12:55 – Hayden talks about doing bad things on Twitter that got his account suspended several times and how he wrote to them and told them to *suck my black c**k” and saying that Barack Obama was sabotaging him.

1:40 PM – Donny talks to Jocasta and says everyone is so paranoid because they want to make sure they are voting with the majority.

Meanwhile, Christine tells Nicole that Zach said they better not be backdooring him. Christine is scared of Caleb winning Head of Household. She tells Nicole that Caleb is on board with voting Zach out. Nicole says wow, that’s awesome.

2:15 PM – Donny eats his first yogurt ever. He says it was okay.

3:13 PM – Hayden talks about alien invasions and Victoria is talking about Ibiza being a party island.

3:23 PM – Derrick and Victoria have a long talk. She wants to know why he never told her some of the stuff Zach has said about her. He said he defended her and told Zach he was a scum bag. He says he needs to be nice to Zach until he is evicted though. Victoria tells him she wants to know when people are talking bad about her and says Zach is a piece of sh*t. Derrick says he told the guys if Victoria was his daughter and Zach said that stuff about her, he would punch him in the face.

3:25 PM – Houseguests are put on indoor lockdown.

3:48 PM – Hayden wants to cuddle Nicole but she complains her face is sunburnt. Victoria comes in and says that while she was chatting with Derrick, Frankie came in and looked totally paranoid about the two of them being together.

5:38 PM – Zach says his family probably thinks he is a total idiot after watching the Power of Veto episode.

3:54 PM – Frankie and Derrick agree that they think they can trust Donny for a bit longer. Frankie thinks Hayden is working with Donny though. Derrick thinks Nicole probably is to since she is so close to Hayden. Frankie says if he won HoH he would put up Jocasta and Victoria.

4:57 PM – Victoria tells Nicole that she is pretty sure Thursday will be a Double Eviction and that they will go down to just one HoH and no Battle of the Block.

5:24 PM – Zach practices his eviction ‘poem’ for Thursday. Then he goes and snuggles with Frankie, who tries to suck his thumb. They are so weird.

6:00 PM – Derrick and Hayden both agree that if they were to win Head of Household, they would put up Christine and Frankie.

6:28 PM – Live Feeds go down for an extended period of time.

8:38 PM – Live Feeds come back up and it looks like the Houseguests had a mid-way party. They had pasta, pizza, cake and booze. Caleb drank six beers? Goodness.

8:55 PM – Zach has a long talk with Nicole where he assures her that she is not a target for him. He claims he threw the Head of Household Competition (he did not and she doesn’t believe him). He tells her that he is absolutely safe this week and has the votes to stay, but he wanted her to know she is safe from him and he won’t put her up if he wins HoH. She is not really buying his attempts to BS her.

9:10 PM – Caleb talks to Frankie about the plan to vote out Zach and why it may not be the best idea for their side of the house.

This is the beginning of the big vote flip drama and the outing of Haycole as lying, manipulative schemers to Frankie. Read all about it in depth in our special report here. We’ll just skim all this in the rest of our overnight report.

9:20 PM – Derrick, Cody, and Frankie talk about what Caleb said. Christine comes in, Derrick leaves. Conversation continues.

9:35 PM – Cody wants to know if Christine threw his name to Donny and she says no. Christine says that Donny asked her to work with him, Hayden, and Nicole. Cody is now angry at Donny.

9:40 PM – Derrick talks to the cameras and says he can’t get any time to talk alone with Cody. He says Christine and Frankie are too paranoid. He tells the cameras that they have to make a move tonight because he is not going to get played doing Hayden and Nicole’s dirty work.

10:00 PM – Cody and Derrick finally get some time alone and they discuss the eviction. Cody talks about his discussion with Christine. They agree that they think Nicole has been trying to play them. They think they should change their minds and keep Zach and his vote on their side.

10:10 PM – Cody tells Christine all about Nicole and Hayden hoping to backdoor Frankie. He also says that Christine could be in danger from them of going home.

10:25 PM – Christine and Cody tell all of this to Frankie and reveal they were planning to backdoor him if Christine had used the Power of Veto. They are all now agreeing that they should keep Zach and make their new targets Hayden and Nicole.

10:30 PM – Derrick joins them and all are agreed to keep Zach and vote out Jocasta instead.

11:10 PM – Frankie tells Caleb he was absolutely right about keeping Zach. Everyone thanks Caleb for bringing up the idea of keeping Zach and why it would be a good idea.

11:20 PM – Frankie and Cody still don’t trust Zach but don’t think they will put either of them up and will vote for their side. Now they are finally getting the obvious clue that voting out an ally right now was a stupid idea.

More coming soon in our next Big Brother Live Feeds report!

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