Big Brother 20 Week 3 Live Eviction Recap (07/19/18)

The time has come for another eviction inside the Big Brother 20 house this evening.  The Head of Household, Scottie Salton, is so close to accomplishing exactly what he set out to do this week, “level” the playing field.  The Level 6 alliance should be down one player, technically making them the new Level 5 alliance after Brett Robinson or Winston Hines is voted out in tonight’s live eviction episode.

Big Brother 20 Live Eviction

After HOH Scottie also won the Power of Veto this week and decided to keep the nominations the same, almost all hope was lost at saving the Bro’s Big Brother game.  During a typical week, one of the Bro’s would most definitely be going home tonight, but this isn’t your typical week inside the Big Brother house.  Level 6 pal, Sam Bledsoe, holds the power to potentially save an evicted houseguest.  The question of the evening remains, will Sam use her power app reward to save one of the Bro’s or let fate take over?  Furthermore, which Bro will the house target for eviction?  We will know these answers tonight.

Last Minute Game Decisions

The only chance Brett and Winston have to save their game now is to convince Sam into using her power app, Bonus Life +1, to save one of them after the eviction vote tonight.  Her power gives an evicted houseguest a “chance” to come back into the game.  Exactly how the reward works is still unknown.  If Sam decides to pass tonight on trying to save the evicted houseguest, the rules of the app state that the power automatically is given to the evicted houseguest in week 4.  Things are definitely getting interesting inside the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 20 Promo

After Brett’s Power of Veto ceremony speech where he made fun of Kaitlyn Herman’s clairvoyance, she is very much out for blood to make sure he is the one evicted this week.  Level 6 is scrambling trying to decide which of the 2 Bro’s is better to keep and which Bro should go.  Barring a Sam miracle, Level 6 knows they are losing a member of their alliance tonight, period!  Now its time to decide which member would better suit the alliance going forward.  They decide keeping Brett is better for their alliance and agree to vote accordingly.

Tyler Crispen made a startling realization this week…his comfy, cozy arrangement with Kaitlyn is very bad for his game.  Although he was able to string her along like a little puppet since week one in the Big Brother house, this week Tyler is stuck in the middle with the vote for eviction.  His alliance, Level 6, wants to evict Winston while Kaitlyn and the rest of the house want to vote out Brett.  If Tyler votes with his alliance, Kaitlyn will figure out he is not as loyal to her as he says, and his secret alliance will no longer be secret.

Week 3 Live Eviction Vote

Angela Rummans Votes to Evict Winston
Angie Rockstar Votes to Evict Brett
Bayleigh Dayton Votes to Evict Brett
Faysal Shafaat Votes to Evict Brett
Haleigh Broucher Votes to Evict Brett
Kaitlyn Herman Votes to Evict Brett
JC Moundiux Votes to Evict Winston
Kaycee Clark Votes to Evict Winston
Rachel Swindler Votes to Evict Winston
Sam Bledsoe Votes to Evict Winston
Tyler Crispen Votes to Evict Winston

By a vote 6-5, Winston was evicted from the Big Brother house.  Winston gathered his bag and refused to speak with anyone on his way out of the house to speak to Julie Chen.  Meanwhile, before the interview can even take place, Angie Rockstar exploded on Brett inside the Big Brother house.  During his last minute speech before the eviction vote, Brett told all of the houseguests and America that Angie secretly approached him said” I’m going to flip on this vote and make it 6-5, and then pin it on Kaitlyn moving forward”.  Angie’s face says it all.

Big Brother 20 Angie Rockstar

Needless to say, Angie did not take well to Brett making these accusations against her and vowed to get him evicted from the Big Brother house.  Brett told Angie to just own what she had done.  Angie called him a bold faced liar, and said she can’t believe he would do such a thing to her on her daughter’s birthday.  She also told him she voted him out in tonight’s eviction and will do do again.  Brett continued to claim Angie made these claims to him.

Big Brother 20 Winston Hines

Winston is shocked that he was evicted from the Big Brother house.  He was assured from all of the members from his alliance that he was safe and told not to worry this week.  Julie confirmed that his entire alliance voted him out as well as JC and Sam.  Winston can’t believe that the votes to evict Brett came from the other side of the house, and his own alliance turned on him in the end.

Week 4 Head of Household Competition

As Sam’s power app was not used tonight to save Winston, it will be definitely used on next week’s evicted houseguest.  The evicted houseguest will have a “chance” to get back into the Big Brother game.  The HOH for next week must take this critical information into serious consideration when nominating houseguests to the block for eviction.  Imagine if the nominated houseguest wins the “chance” to come back into the game?  The HOH would have a big, red target on their back.  Will the houseguests purposely throw the HOH comp this evening as to not be in such a potentially damning position?

Big Brother 20 HOH

Tonight’s HOH competition is called Out On A Limb”, and this is an endurance competition.  The houseguests are standing on a small ledge at the base of a tree truck while the tree moves backwards and forward.  In addition, the weather turns bad and it begins to rain on the houseguests.  The last player holding onto their tree the longest and without falling off wins the next HOH.  With tensions rising inside the Big Brother house, this should be a very interesting week for the houseguests.

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