Who Won Head of Household on Big Brother Last Night? 07/19/18

Tonight’s Big Brother 20 episode ended with a cliffhanger: who will win this week’s Head of Household competition? With Sam Bledsoe‘s BB App Store power not being used, this week could end up a dud. Someone will fight hard for the Big Brother 2018 power to get out an enemy only for it to be a waste, or at least the chance of a waste.

Big brother 20 Head of Household Week 4

Since Sam didn’t use her power to save Winston Hines, anyone evicted this week has a chance to return to the Big Brother 20 game,  an unfortunate consequence of Sam’s power.

Tonight is the first wall endurance competition of Big Brother 20. CBS is sticking with their tech theme by having it be based on the idea of a corporate retreat in the forest, with rain and all. This competition should favor one of the smaller contestants.

JC Mounduix, Rachel Swindler, Angela Rummans, Sam, Haleigh Broucher, Kaitlyn Herman, and Bayleigh Dayton are all more petite than the other contestants. We would guess that one of them will win this week’s Big Brother 20 Head of Household competition.

Read below as we continue to update as this ead of Household competition happens in real-time.


After a few minutes everyone is still on it, but Haleigh already saying she wants to come down. Rockstar is the first to fall off. She’s disappointed in her performance, and cries to Scottie when she comes off.

Faysal then comes down, soon followed by Brett and Bayleigh. About 15 minutes later, Rachel falls off. Angela then comes out soon after Rachel. A little while later, Haleigh also came off.

JC says something got in his eye and he fell off. Next Kaycee and Kaitlyn fall, leaving Sam and Tyler. Sam screams at Sam to let her win this Hoh. He waits and then falls off.

Big Brother 20-Sam wins HOH

Sam is the new Head of Household!

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