Last night, Big Brother Over the Top had the longest double eviction in Big Brother history. Not only did BBOTT houseguests have to do a nomination ceremony, veto ceremony, but also two head of household competitions.

BBOTT KRysssie

The first HOH Big Brother Over the Top competition required houseguests to watch a series of images. Then they had to answer questions based on them. The player with the most points after seven rounds won that head of household competition.

Danielle Lickey won that competition, and ended up sending Whitney Hogg home (due to the care package twist). A little bit after that, all of the eligible players played in the final Big Brother Over the Top head of household competition of the night.

It was a timed puzzle one. One by one players had to make their attempts to solve a laser puzzle. You had to maneuver lasers to get them to reflect off a mirror and onto a target.

The player to solve the laser puzzle fastest became this week’s head of household.

Jason Roy was the first to go, and he struggled a bit, but solved it in a little over eight minutes.

Morgan Willett went next. She struggled a little bit more than Jason. Her final time came close to 13 minutes.


Kryssie Ridolfi went next. Kryssie had similar issues that Morgan had solving it. She clocked in at about 15 minutes.

Shelby Stockton would play next. Shelby solved the puzzle fairly quickly but struggled to get her mirror to reflect off one another. She solved the puzzle in almost 12 minutes.

Justin Duncan went last. There was quite a delay for his turn.

After Justin actually played, he dq’ed.  Once all the contestants were done, they were told that Shelby and Jason would have to face off again tonight to resolve the technical difficulty competition issue.

Today (11/10/16), Big Brother allowed Shelby and Jason to play a harder version of last night’s puzzle and laser competition. Before the competition started, both players picked their order.

Shelby was picked to go first. She went very quickly and solved the puzzle in a little over four minutes.


Jason went about ten minutes or so after Shelby. He took longer than her time, but had an issue with his mirror. We got fishes. When it returned, Jason still hadn’t solved the puzzle and mirrors no longer had issues. He clocked in at over 11 minutes.

Later, Danielle Lickey (as outgoing HOH) revealed the times.

Jason had 9:52.

Shelby had 4:03.


Shelby is the new head of household!!!

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