Big Brother 2015 Rankings: Season 17 Preseason

Even before the Big Brother 17 premiere on Wednesday, we had already started ranking the new Big Brother 2015 cast in our heads. Based on their backgrounds, bios, and preseason interviews, we couldn’t help but speculate on who would come out on top the first week of season 17.

Big Brother 2015 Cast (CBS)
Big Brother 2015 Cast (CBS)

If you haven’t gotten to know your new Big Brother 17 cast yet, we urge you to check out our Houseguest profiles for each of this year’s competitors. You can also check our Big Brother 2015 cast first impressions from their official pre-season interviews.

Remember with our Big Brother rankings, as always, that they are very subjective and based only on what we know so far — which, in this case, is hardly anything! Plus, we aren’t ranking by the best player, necessarily. Instead, we’re going to put the players we think are most likely to survive the next eviction at the top, and the ones most in danger of going home at the bottom.

Now on to our Big Brother 17 Preseason Rankings!

jace-agolli-big-brother-17-cast1. Jace Agolli – Jace is very aware of the Big Brother game. Listening to his interviews, I believe he is going to be very sociable and possibly great at competitions. He says his favorite player is Derrick Levasseur, which means he knows about the strategic part of the game. In all honestly, he is someone who likely will not be seen as an early threat in the game and a late game dangerous player.


vanessa-rousso-big-brother-17-cast2. Vanessa Rousso – I think if she doesn’t get spotted as a poker player she has a great chance. Smart girl who says Dan Gheesling is her favorite and notes he’s not afraid to play sociably and make big moves. Even if she gets exposed as a poker player, she says she is inspired by Dan because he never gave up. I hope she has a backup plan ahead of time.


steve-moses-big-brother-17-cast3. Steve Moses – Oh gosh right away, he reminds me of Ian Terry but can he win like Ian? I think he’s someone who will either go early or no one targets him because they don’t view him as threatening. If he makes it to the jury look out and he seems to know a lot about the game. His favorite player is Danielle Reyes, which tells me he is smart!


austin-matelson-big-brother-17-cast4. Austin Matelson – Austin seems smart, likable and can be a threat in the challenges. If anything is his downfall early on, it will be the fact he is a big guy and might win challenges. In BB history, the largest male is always seen as threatening. There is also that whole thing with his alter-ego Judas…


davonne-rogers-big-brother-17-cast5. Da’Vonne Rogers – I really like her interviews a lot, and I think she has a good chance because she seems to know the game. Comes across as a smart girl and I think if she/Vanessa team up they could be a powerhouse. I think early on she will need to be laid back! This is the woman who told Rachel Reilly to her face she was emotional.


shelli-poole-big-brother-17-cast6. Shelli Poole – She is my pick to be the Victoria Rafaeli of the season. She will follow people around her and make decisions. I believe she was recruited and is a recent fan of the show so she is another hard houseguest to rank. She could end up as one of the those blond ambitions who hang on to the end, or she could land on the elimination block first thing.


clay-honeycutt-big-brother-17-cast7. Clay Honeycutt – Kind of reminds me of Caleb Reynolds, but a little more boring in his interviews. He is someone who can do well in competitions so I expect him to be viewed as a threat. He seems to claim he’s a superfan, but I doubt any of us is buying it. His favorite player is Donny Thompson, who is a really recent player, and who didn’t even come close to winning. I expect him to be very loyal to an alliance which will insure he goes past the jury.


jason-roy-big-brother-17-cast8. Jason Roy – Jason has an interesting strategy and it’s to team up with the women. He states he wants to be the “Gay glue” that holds the women’s alliance together. It’s a great idea, but we will see if he actually conducts that strategy. He seems really charming and likable, which is an asset for him to use.


audrey-middleton-big-brother-17-cast9. Audrey Middleton – I love Audrey but I don’t know if she is going to end up as a major player. I love that Big Brother cast a houseguest that is transgender, however, just based on her interviews she seems to be really emotional. I wouldn’t be shocked if she went off if someone calls her “Aubrey”. I think Aubrey can be a juror, but a threat at the same time.


john-mcguire-big-brother-17-cast10. John McGuire – He’s LOUD! I mean HE IS REALLY LOUD, but he’ll need to tone it down or he will annoy his entire houseguest. He’s really someone I have no idea how to rate because he can come in and play a great social game or just go home early. If he doesn’t rein in that personality, however, he could very well drive everyone crazy enough to put him on the block immediately.


meg-maley-big-brother-17-cast11. Meg Maley – Her favorite player is Frankie Grande. Well, if she is competitive like him she might have a chance. I do not expect her to stay in the game past jury. She is not someone I can see lasting. Expect her to be an early boot. Unless she wiggles her way into a strong alliance, where she can hang around until they get bored with her. Or she could fade into the background as a serious floater being friendly to everyone, loyal to none.


becky-burgess-big-brother-17-cast12. Becky Burgess – Anyone who compares themselves to Brendon Villegas gets a red flag. I think she’s another possible Victoria of the season where she just sides with an alliance and never turns on them. I don’t see a lot of game in her, but I would love to be wrong. I think she either goes early or makes it to the end because she doesn’t appear threatening at all.


liz-nolan-big-brother-17-cast13. Liz Nolan – I think she is someone who will follow along in a major alliance, but not have much impact on the game. I get the sense she could be an early boot because she might annoy a lot of people. (Honestly, our BBA editor notes, she could leave first night and just based on her interviews alone, it would be no great loss.)


james-huling-big-brother-17-cast14. James Huling – I think there’s a chance he could end up as the outcast this season. I believe he was recruited based on a comment he made about Zach Rance and Victoria. I think he will have one quality that could make him a good ally is loyalty.


What do you think of our pre-season rankings? Pitch in your comments below!

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