Big Brother 17 Cast Analysis: Favorites and Fails

We’re only a couple of days away from the Big Brother 17 premiere, and the excitement is in the air. Technically speaking the summer of 2015 started yesterday, but all Big Brother fans know that the launch of Big Brother 2015 is the real start of summer.

Big Brother 2015 Cast (CBS)
Big Brother 2015 Cast (CBS)

First of all I’d like to introduce myself, I’m Dan (@danthebbfan on Twitter) and I’ll be doing some tweeting and feed update articles here at Big Brother Access this summer. Before we get to the premiere, I’ve compiled my initial thoughts on this cast for your reading pleasure. I’m sure I’ll be wrong on a ton of things, but that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Jeff Schroeder and Audrey Middleton (CBS)
Jeff Schroeder and Audrey Middleton (CBS)

Audrey Middleton (Bio, Interview & Details)Big Brother’s first transgender houseguest has already made headlines. I really hope this is all handled tastefully and that her story isn’t exploited, she doesn’t deserve that. That said, I hope she’s judged like any other houseguest based on what we see on the show and the Big Brother Live Feeds. I think she brings an excessive knowledge of the game and is very clearly ready to cut throats. She could definitely play too aggressively and be out early, but I think and hope she’ll be able to find her niche and stick around if she isn’t as stand-offish as she was in some of the interviews.

Austin Matelson (Bio, Interview & Details– This guy is going to be fun to watch. I’m not entirely sure what to make of his Judas alter ego, and it’s probably my least favorite thing about him, but he really knows the game and if he can avoid being an early target due his obvious physicality, he could smooth talk his way deep into the game. He’s got the charisma to do just that, but he’s going to need allies that won’t want to ditch him when they have the opportunity.

Jeff's interview with Becky (CBS)
Jeff’s interview with Becky (CBS)

Becky Burgess (Bio, Interview & Details) – I go back and forth on her chances in this game. Part of me thinks she is a little deer-in-the-headlights and might have some trouble initially. But, I really did like most of what she said apart from the showmance and wanting America to like her stuff. She’s very girl next door, which will work in her benefit if she makes the right connections in there, and I think she could. She certainly comes off as more amicable than some of the others.

Clay Honeycutt (Bio, Interview & Details– Boy, he sure is vanilla, huh? I was consistently the most tuned-out of his interviews because he just didn’t say anything that really intrigued me. He considered himself a “superfan” despite becoming familiar with the show after being recruited. I don’t know that he has a great idea of what he’s in for, and if he hooks up with Liz or Becky early on, he could be painting a massive target on his back unless there’s a guy’s alliance that keeps him safe.

Jeff's interview with Da'Vonne (CBS)
Jeff’s interview with Da’Vonne (CBS)

Da’Vonne Rogers (Bio, Interview & Details) – She is probably my favorite going into the season, although I hesitate to say it because I don’t want to jinx her chances. She was incredibly vivacious and personable, and best of all, enthusiastic about playing the game. Her story about her grandmother warmed my heart, and her competing for her daughter is really sweet. She really has a good grasp on the game and if she can be patient the first few weeks like most successful Big Brother players are, she could take this. Regardless, she’ll be fun to watch.

Jace Agolli (Bio, Interview & Details– Going from my favorite to my least favorite, I was really turned off by Jace and his arrogance. I actually didn’t think he was bad in his interview with Jeff, but in the others he just came off as such a douche. I worry a little that he could try to form a guy’s thing with a few of the strong men, but I hope his arrogance turns some people off because I’m not buying what he’s selling, at all.

James Huling (Bio, Interview & Details– He’s going to be a CBS favorite, no doubt. He’s this year’s Donny, with a twist. I’m not sure how he’ll fare socially with this group but he certainly comes off non-threatening and I don’t see him going anywhere early on. Beyond that, I’m not sure; he’s going to have to find the right people to work with, which Donny never really did.

Jason Roy (Bio, Interview & Details– First of all, I love that he gave Diane Henry some props on his profile and in interviews, because she never gets any. His personality and voice could grate on people, but I kind of think he will find his people in there and be protected by that. I definitely foresee him bonding with Meg and maybe Da’Vonne, especially if he focuses his attention on the women. What will make or break him is if the guys see him as with them or against them. But I think he’s a keeper.

Jeff's interview with John (CBS)
Jeff’s interview with John (CBS)

John McGuire (Bio, Interview & Details– Have we ever had anyone like him in there? Perhaps he was just nervous or anxious during the press junket, but I’ve never seen that sort of energy from anyone on this show. There was a bit of it with Nick Uhas, but not to the same level of intensity. If he keeps it up and the other houseguests don’t find his personality endearing, I worry we could lose our Rock Star Dentist early. I’d like to see him stick around because he certainly will bring us good television and good feeds.

Liz Nolan (Bio, Interview & Details– Mark my words: she’s the girl the other girls won’t like. She talks about having no filter and that she’ll play aggressively, and best of all that she wants confrontation because she wants people to know they can’t mess with her. All of this bodes very well for good feeds but not necessarily for her chances in this game. If she and Clay showmance it up, she could find herself in the same spot Rachel did in Big Brother 12, unfortunately.

Jeff Schroeder and Meg Maley
Jeff’s interview with Meg (CBS)

Meg Maley (Bio, Interview & Details– Right away, she was someone I liked a lot. She just seems like a cool girl that I’d want to hang out with. I will admit that she slightly reminded me of Joey when I watched her interviews, but not nearly as naïve. She knows the game, has friends who have been on reality shows, and doesn’t care if America hates her if it means she wins it all. I think people will underestimate her; she could be a dark horse if she doesn’t get on people’s nerves early or go crazy from boredom.

Shelli Poole (Bio, Interview & Details– Of the entire cast, she’s probably the hardest for me to read. I really can’t pinpoint where I think she fits in, but she seems like a lovely person. I do see some overlap between her and Becky, and I feel as though one of them could be an early boot and the other will go deep. But it’s hard to say. Maybe her extra few years of life experience will serve her well when dealing with the other houseguests.

Steve Moses (Bio, Interview & Details) – He’s our Ian Terry typecast of this season. I actually went back to watch Ian’s interviews and compare the two. Steve was a lot more manic, chatty, and awkward. He spoke a mile a minute and seemed more stuck in his ways, whereas Ian was more than willing to be the clown. I’m not as high on him as some of the others, but he certainly knows the game well and has a plan that could work.

Vanessa (Bio, Interview & Details– The poker player nicknamed Lady Maverick rounds out this cast. She seemed very mellow in interviews and I have to wonder if Da’Vonne or someone else could recognize her. If they do, I hope they work with her instead of against her, because it could be very fun to watch someone of her caliber play this game. What it comes down to for her if she meshes socially with the rest of the cast, because I worry that it might be hard for her.

Alright, that’s everyone so far, although we certainly could have some more new (or old) houseguests brought in later down the road. Overall, I think this cast is going to bring it, so it’s on production to make sure they help them bring it. It’s sure to be an exciting summer!

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