Big Brother Over the Top Recap: Live Weekly Show 10/12/2016

This evening will be filled with three fun hours of Big Brother: Over the Top excitement including the second houseguest (HG) to be evicted live after a recap of the past week’s events in the house.  Shortly after the live eviction, stay tuned to CBS All Access for the next Head of Household (HOH) competition shown live.

Big Brother: Over the Top (Photo Courtesy of CBS)
Big Brother: Over the Top (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

Julie Chen, our lovable hostess, will guide us through the series of events leading up to tonight’s live eviction including both Safety ceremonies, the winner of America’s Care Package (ACP), America’s Nominee for eviction, the Power of Veto competition and ceremony, and all of the interesting conversations and squabbles between the HGs this week.

This week in the Big Brother house has been nothing close to boring as Misfits and Plastics drew a distinct line between the two groups.  Tonight we will find out which group has the most power in the house and who will be the next HG to say goodbye for good.

After Cornbread’s eviction last week by a vote of 9-1, the next HOH competition began called ‘Live by the Sword’.  The HGs had to hold a long and quite wobbly sword to keep their crown on top of their cardboard cutout heads.  This is an endurance competition, and the last one standing wins the new HOH.

It doesn’t take long for the first HG to fail which was Shelby at only 12 minutes into the game.  At the one hour mark, HGs must use only one hand to hold their swords for the remainder of the competition.  After a couple of hours, the competition is down to Alex, Neeley, and Justin.  Alex and Neeley try and make a deal, but both HGs wanted the win.  Alex is crowned the new HOH for the week.

Alliances are being to form in the house.  One side has Monte and his ‘pythons’ and the other side are the Misfits.  Monte and his girls alliance are all very fake and can also be referred to as the Plastics.  That crew includes Monte, Shelby, Alex, Morgan, and Whitney.  The Misfits are Justin, Danielle, Shane, Neeley, Kryssie, Jason and Scott is playing the middle of the road.

Justin decides to take a quick shower which seems all well and fine except the bathroom was full of girls when he got naked to jump in the shower.  Monte did not react well to Justin’s behavior.  He thinks Justin’s actions are sexist and inexcusable.

America has voted and Kryssie won the first America’s Care Package called Save-a-Friend.  Kryssie has won the ability to save one person this week from eviction.  Kryssie doesn’t hesitate to give Jason the award, her ride-or-die.


The Have-Nots were also voted by America, and the votes put Morgan, Monte, and Scott as Have-Nots this week.  They will be fortunate to eat slop for the week, take cold showers, and sleep in the Have-Not room.  The Have-Not room has been decorated with a haunted house theme that would make any arachnophobic unable to sleep.

Justin informs Monte that he knows what he has been saying about him behind his back, including comments about stealing clothes.  Tempers flare between the two of them with some low-class name calling.  Thankfully Justin decides to take his frustrations out on the weights rather than Monte.  Nelly does confront Monte to verify that he is not a racist.  Monte vehemently denies that he is a racist of any sort.  Monte and Justin do finally hug it out.

Round one of the Safety ceremony grants safety to Kryssie, Neeley, Whitney, and Morgan.  Alex decided her targets this week are the showmance couple Shane and Danielle.  After the first round of Safety, she keeps her options open for eviction by leaving Monte and Scott for the second round just in case she needs to change her mind and appoint them for eviction instead.  She also admits that she loves to shake things up in the house and create drama.

Round two of the Safety ceremony grants safety to Shelby, Justin, Monte, and Scott leaving Danielle and Shane on the block for eviction this week.  Now they must win the POV to save themselves from the block.

America’s Nominee and third HG to the block is revealed in the Big Brother house living room.  Monte was voted as the third nominee to the block for eviction by America.  He joins Shane and Danielle on the block for possible eviction this week.


The Power of Veto (POV) is Veto for Sale this week and has a golf theme.  The participants will be the block nominees Monte, Danielle, and Shane, the HOH Alex and two randomly chosen HGs Scott and Shelby.  Jeff Schroeder comes in to host the POV competition.

The BB Invitational has the HGs competing for tickets by playing golf with oversized balls and clubs.  The person to receive 60 tickets wins the POV, the others will receive punishments, which are as follows:

  • Missed the Cut – Monte and he can’t compete in the next POV competition.
  • Water Hazard – Danielle will have to fish golf balls from the pool at productions discretion for one week.
  • 19th Hole – Alex will have a disadvantage for the next HOH competition.
  • Sand Trapped – Scott must spend the next 24 hours in a sand trap in the back yard.
  • Caddy Costume – Shelby must wear a caddy costume and carry clubs around for the next week.
  • Shane won POV.


Alex, the current HOH, now must decide which HG she will name as the replacement nominee for Shane.  At the Veto meeting, Alex decides to nominate Kryssie to the block as Shane’s replacement nominee.  Alex nominated Kryssie even though she had promised Kryssie she was safe this week.  Alex swears Kryssie she is only a pawn.

The vote is shaping up to be a split vote between the two sides of the house leaving the eviction decision down to America’s vote.


After speeches, voting has begun.

  • Shane votes Monte
  • Morgan votes Danielle
  • Justin votes Monte
  • Shelby votes Danielle
  • Jason votes Monte
  • Whitney votes Danielle
  • Nelley votes Monte
  • Scott votes Danielle

With a tied score of 4-4, America will decide who will be evicted this week.  America has chosen Monte to be evicted from the Big Brother house.

Check out our next article on the website covering the live HOH competition to be held next.

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