Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 5 Recap (12/19/23)

Frankie Grande and Taylor Hale won the Jingle Bell Brawl on the last episode of Big Brother Reindeer Games. They were tasked to pick two players, Nicole Franzel and Josh Martinez, for Santa’s Showdown. In an epic endurance competition, Nicole outlasted Josh by a sheer moment and sent Josh out the door. Who will make the final four tonight?

Big Brother reindeer games

Big Brother Reindeer Games Naughty and Nice Challenge

Tiffany Mitchell joined Santa’s Lodge as the last Elf Ambassador. Elfie has locked himself in Santa’s office. The houseguests must race around the lodge for the proper office key. The first one to find the proper key wins the night’s first challenge, the Naughty & Nice challenge.

Nicole found the right key quickly, and Elfie’s TV special was not canceled.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

Nicole’s advantage for winning will be someone else’s disadvantage. Elf Tiffany announced there would be two Jingle Bell Brawls tonight, and each winner would automatically qualify for the final Reindeer Games. Nicole must pick one houseguest to sit out of the first round of the JBB, giving them one less shot at making it to the finals.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Jingle Bell Brawls

Santa’s traditional egg nog recipes have gone missing. The houseguests must taste seven different egg nogs and pick the missing ingredient. They will receive a point for each correct answer. The houseguest with the most points at the end of the challenge wins the JBB, a trip to the Reindeer Games, and a unique power to be revealed later.

Nicole chose to bench Xavier. He was not able to compete in this competition.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

Santa’s egg nogs are not the familiar ones we are accustomed to at Christmas. Some have sardines, others tartar sauce. This is quite the challenge.

Going into the final round, Britney has no points, Frankie and Nicole both have two points, and Taylor has three points. Taylor answered the last question correctly and won the challenge, plus the first spot in the Reindeer Games. She also won a power allowing her to pick one player to take into the Reindeer Games.

After much consideration, Taylor picked Nicole to join her in the Reindeer Games. Nicole was ecstatic with Taylor’s decision.

In the second round of the JBB, Britney, Xavier, and Frankie will compete for the final two spots in the Reindeer Games. Who will win the chance at the ultimate prize of $100,000?

This challenge will include questions about the performances during the Reindeer Games this season. The player with the most points will win the challenge. The winner will advance to RG. The other two players will compete in Santa’s showdown for the final spot at $100,000.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

Frankie won the competition by one point over Britney. This means Xavier and Britney will battle in the final Santa’s Showdown.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Santa’s Showdown

In this final Santa’s Showdown installment, Krampus is trying to create negative Christmas billboards. The players must zipline while knocking over blocks of the Krampus billboards. Once knocked down, the players must find the double-sided blocks and erect a new Santa-approved billboard. The first player to finish and ring their bell wins.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

After much hard work, Xavier won the final spot in the Reindeer Games. Britney fell just short in the final competition, which was very physical. Those types of comps are not her strong suit.

Join us Thursday, December 21st at 8 PM EST for the finale of Big Brother Reindeer Games, where the winner of the $100,000 prize will be crowned.