Big Brother Reindeer Games Epsiode 4 Recap (12/18/23)

On the last episode of Big Brother Reindeer Games, Frankie Grande, Xavier Prather, and Britney Haynes all survived Santa’s Showdown after Nicole Franzel won the Jingle Bell Brawl. She and Frankie were trying to set up Xavier to be eliminated, but he came out on top; however, Dani Hendricks did not make it through the challlenge and was eliminated. Who will be targeted tonight?

Big Brother Reindeer Games

Big Brother Reindeer Games Naughty and Nice Challenge

Derek Xiao, the Elf Ambassador, visited the house to share some shocking news witht the houseguests. North Pole popstar Jill Frost is missing. The first player to ring the silver bell with the answer of who took Jill after searching for clues throughout the house wins the Naughty and Nice challenge.

The houseguests scrambled to find clues of which reindeer kidnapped Jill Frost. After gathering all of the evidence around the house, each player made their best guess. The winner of the challange was Frankie. He solved the case first.

Frankie will be able to pick his partner in the upcoming Jingle Bell Brawl for winning the last challenge. He will also pick which duo will receive a penalty before starting the challenge. The winning duo will both be safe from elimination.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

Frankie’s closest allies are Britney and Nicole. He doesn’t want to pick one of them as his partner in case they end up in the Santa’s Showdown. If so, one of them will be eliminated. Instead, Frankie chose to keep his enemy closest by pairing up with Taylore Hale for this challenge.

The four players remaining are Josh Martinez, Xavier, Britney, and Nicole. The boys want to separate as partners becasue they do not want to compete against one another. The girls want to work together. When the guys stand firm on being separated, the girls realize the red flag. In the end, X and Nicole are a duo and Josh and Britney are the other duo.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Jingle Bell Brawl

The duos will be packing Santa’s sleigh with presents. This is a puzzle game where the presents need to fit perfectly inside of Santa’s sleigh. The first duo to finish will win safety. Frankie must name which duo will be frozen during some part of the challenge. they will receive a 45 second penalty.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

Frankie chose Xavier and Nicole for the penalty. They had to stop for 45 seconds. Frankie and Taylor won the challenge and are safe from elimination today.  Frankie and Taylor will both select one player from the a randomly selected duo to send to Santa’s Showdown. This puts both of them in a daunting position.

Frankie must pick either Josh or Britney, and he chose Josh. Taylor must pick either Nicole or Xavier, and she chose Nicole. She wants Xavier to stay in the game to help her take out Frankie. So, Josh and Nicole will be competing against one another in Santa’s Showdown.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Santa’s Showdown

This is an endurance challenge where Nicole and Josh must hold onto to giant candy canes as they spin and twirl all around. After an hour and five minutes, the candy canes began bucking the players all around. At the very same time, Josh and Nicole were thrown from their candy canes. The playback tape revealed Josh let go before Nicole and will be eliminated.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

Before leaving, he picked his present from Santa. Josh received an ugly Christmas sweater. Josh was emotional leaving Santa’s Lodge. Nicole was so happy she was able to beat such a strong competitor in an endurance competition.

Join us again on tomorrow evening, Tuesday, December 19th at 9 PM EST to wathc the final five fight for a spot in the Reindeer Games’ final four.

Big Brother Reindeer Games