Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Monday Live Feeds Report – 7/28/2014

Last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds, the plotting continued in the plan to backdoor one of the more high profile BB16 Houseguests. With The Detonators pretty much running the house this week thanks to Frankie and Zach winning the Heads of Household Competition, everything is looking pretty solid for their nefarious scheming to bear fruit at Thursday’s eviction.

Big Brother 16 Cast - Cody (CBS)
Big Brother 16 Cast – Cody (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

As the clock flipped over to midnight last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds, Frankie told Christine and Nicole about the plan to put up Amber as the replacement nominee. Nicole was frankly astounded and can’t believe how people are able to convince Caleb to do things.

12:20 AM – Frankie tells Christine he may give Caleb the “credit” for the renom, which Caleb asked him to do. (Caleb still thinks Amber being on the block may finally get her to admit how much she needs him in the game. Caleb still doesn’t know that Amber is not going to be safe, but rather is the main target of a backdoor eviction scheme by The Detonators.) Frankie tells Christine to just play nice with Amber and pretend like she’s not the target to go home.

Caleb comes in and Christine leaves. They talk about strategy for the Veto Meeting and putting Amber up as the replacement nominee. Frankie is working hard to manipulate Caleb to believe he’s in charge of everything, while making things work out exactly how he and his allies want.

12:30 AM – Frankie tells Jocasta he does not know what is going to happen at the Power of Veto Meeting. He says he doesn’t know what Hayden is going to do with the PoV. Jocasta really doesn’t believe him, it’s obvious. Frankie asks her if Victoria does come down, who would she want to go up in her place. She says she will have to think about that.

12:40 AM – Hayden is outside pretending to be a zombie. Nicole pretends to be really scared of how good he is at it.

12:50 AM – Caleb and Christine talk in the hammock. He says he thinks everything is smooth sailing this week. He says Victoria will go home and then the next person will go to Jury. Christine says she is worried that Donny considers her a target. Frankie comes and joins them. Caleb again talks about Victoria going home this week. He promises that whoever votes for him in Jury if he makes it to the end, he’ll give them each $5000.

1:10 AM – Frankie and Christine talk in the HoH room. Frankie says if Amber was up against Victoria, Amber would be safe. Up against Jocasta, however… Christine says, not so safe. Frankie says they have to reassure Caleb that Amber will be safe until right before the very end. Christine says she finds it hard to hang out with Caleb at all.

1:15 Am – Zack talks to Cody about how Caleb thinks he is in charge of the whole game. Cody laughs about how Caleb thinks he is this huge beast but he only won HoH once and hasn’t done much of anything since then.

1:45 AM – Derrick is worried about what will happen in the house after Amber is put up as the renom. Frankie is reconsidering giving credit to Caleb for the idea to put her up. Derrick says it would make Frankie look like a puppet. Frankie says he can tell Amber after the meeting that it was Caleb’s idea. They talk about Zach and his Veto Meeting speech and hopes it will work so Team America can win another $5,000 each.

2:10 AM – Zach practices his speech, which is all about how Amber has constantly rejected and treated Caleb badly even though he has been so nice to her and even gave her all his blankets in the Have-Not room and everything! And he ate a pickle for her. A PICKLE! Caleb hates pickles! It’s really kind of a silly speech, but we bet it does actually get Amber riled up. Did we mention Zach was wearing a viking helmet while he was rehearsing?

Meanwhile, most of the other Houseguests hang out together outside laughing and talking about random stuff.

2:15 AM – Derrick promises Caleb that he will get the credit for the idea to put Amber up as the renom. Caleb is actually pretty pumped about the whole thing.

2:25 AM – Frankie says Hayden will tell Caleb right before the PoV Meeting that Jocasta will not be coming down. He will use the Power of Veto to take Victoria off the block instead.

2:30 AM – Hayden tells Nicole that Zach is going to give a speech at the Veto Meeting and it is going to be awesome. Nicole wants to know why Hayden won’t tell her what Zach is going to say. He says it will make Amber cry and Nicole doesn’t like that. Hayden says he isn’t telling Zach what to do.

Hayden tells Nicole that he knew what Zach was going to say to her in his last speech and Nicole is so mad at him for not telling her before. She is upset that he knew she was going up and didn’t tell her. Hayden says he tried to talk him out of it. Nicole is really pissed and wants to know who the f**k he is and that he is horrible. She says if she knew something like that, she would have warned him! Eventually they mostly make up though and hug. He says he is sorry, she apologizes for getting so mad.

Hayden tells Nicole about the plan to put up Amber as the renom and how Caleb thinks it is all his idea. Caleb will get the blame, but it was actually Zach who did all the dirty work and got Caleb to believe he is the one in charge. He says Caleb wants Amber on the block so she will apologize for being crappy to him.

3:50 AM – Zach works on the speech he is going to try to give at the Veto Meeting on Monday. Team America has prodded him into trying to get nasty with Amber at the ceremony in order to fulfill their secret mission to have two Houseguests fight at a meeting this week.

3:55 AM – Frankie whines to Zach about his burning crotch while they cuddle in bed. Zach tells him to just go naked. Frankie says only if Zach will go naked too. Zach says no. Frankie says Zach is his favorite. He says Zach is such an “eloquent little dictator.”

Cody and Caleb talk in the backyard. Naturally, Caleb talks about Amber a lot. He says that he will act surprised during Zach’s speech about how she has treated him.

5:20 AM – Most of the Houseguests are in bed. Caleb and Cody head that way too. Caleb says he put a banana peel in Amber’s shoe but when she agreed she would go to Atlantis with him, he removed it. Caleb throws a pillow at Amber and then runs to the Have Not room. It wakes Amber up and she wanders around for a few minutes and then goes back to bed.

8:40 AM – The Houseguests start to stir out of bed. Frankie, Victoria, Jocasta, and Frankie are puttering about. Victoria has actually been up for over an hour getting ready for the day. Frankie is called to the Diary Room but he wants to get ready first. He goes to take a shower in the HoH bathroom, and shows pretty much every bit of his assets to the bathroom cameras while checking out his crotch burn in the mirror.

Meanwhile, in the downstairs bathroom Amber talks about how she got hit in the head with a pillow very early in the morning and it woke her up. (Caleb did it and we think Amber knows it.) Caleb, the perpetrator, is standing right there while she idly says it was probably Hayden who did it.

9:30 AM – Caleb gloats to Frankie about he “smoked Amber” in the head with a pillow while she was sleeping. She says Amber doesn’t know who did it and thinks it is very funny. Caleb tells Frankie that Zach should stop him from closing the Veto box in order to give his little speech to Amber. He says he will take credit for Amber’s renom after the meeting. He tells Frankie to tell Amber to talk to him because it’s been like five days since she has.

Frankie tells Zach about Caleb’s idea of when to do his speech. He also tells him that Caleb smacked Amber in the head with a pillow in the middle of the night. Zach says everyone is going to be shocked at the Veto Meeting. Frankie says after the ceremony, he will tell Amber that the only person she needs to talk to is Caleb and then he will bring him up to the HoH and put them in there together.

10:30 AM – Derrick gets Zach fired up about his upcoming Veto speech where he is going to go after Amber. Derrick does not want Zach chickening out and ruining his chance to win another $5,000 each for Team America

11:18 AM – Live Feeds go dark for the Veto Meeting.

12:12 PM – When the Live Feeds return, everything has gone as planned. Hayden took Victoria off the block with his Power of Veto. Amber was put up as the replacement nominee. Amber is pissed and very upset. Zach apparently did go through with his speech. Amber tells Frankie, Cody, and Derrick that she thinks they planned it all.

The guys, meanwhile, are not happy with Zach. They talk about how he is throwing them all under the bus. They discuss how Jocasta is weeping because she wasn’t saved from the block.

12:15 PM – Caleb doesn’t seem that distressed that Hayden saved Victoria from the block instead of Jocasta. Instead, he just thinks it is awesome that Amber is so upset about being put up. Zach tells him he should go talk to her but he says not right now because she is too angry and throwing stuff.

12:17 PM – Frankie is pissy with Zach over him apparently telling her that Frankie cannot be trusted. Zach says that isn’t true and Amber is making it up. Frankie tells Zach he should keep his head down for the rest of the week. Zach asks Frankie to help him with that.

12:30 PM – Amber wants Derrick and Cody to tell her why they aren’t getting rid of Zach this week. She thinks all the guys are working together and using Christine and her as pawns. Derrick swears they were just as shocked as she was and that she has his vote. Derrick says Caleb wants her to go talk to him so he can save her again and be her knight in shining armor. She says that if she is on the block because of Caleb’s obsession with her, that is f**ked up. She says she has never led Caleb on about anything. She doesn’t want to be in a relationship because she lost someone who was close to her, and has never said she wants a relationship. She leaves and starts crying.

12:40 PM – Zach congratulates Caleb on his brilliant plan (that he really had nothing to do with). Caleb tells Frankie, Cody, and Hayden that Amber needs to come talk to him because he is the only one who can save her now. He says they are the six in power (with Derrick) and deserve to go to Jury.

12:50 PM – Amber tells Nicole and Christine that she really hopes they did not know this was going to happen to her. They lie and tell her they had no idea.

12:55 PM – Cody and Hayden are now talking about backdooring Zach next week instead of Caleb. Cody says Zach doesn’t have a soul.

1:10 PM – Cody tells Amber he didn’t know anything about what was going to happen and it is oh so terrible. Not true, of course, he knew everything. Amber says it is all Frankie, Zach, and Caleb teaming up on her. She says that Cody and Derrick need to help her stay safe this week. Cody tells her that she has his vote and Derrick’s vote. Amber talks again how this is all about how she has rejected Caleb and how she doesn’t want a relationship. She says she didn’t come in here to tell a sob story about why. She says she isn’t going to speak to Zach again.

1:25 PM – Hayden lies and tells Amber he did not know she was going up on the block. Hayden says he took Victoria off the block because she picked him to play in the Power of Veto. Hayden tells her he doesn’t know how he is going to vote yet. Amber says Cody, Christine, and Derrick all told her they would vote to keep her. Amber wants to know where all the dirty work she’s done has gotten her. She says she has helped keep Hayden off the block. He says he is sorry she is on the block but taking Victoria down was the best move for him. They hug before they part.

1:45 PM – Derrick tells Amber that she has all the votes to stay and she isn’t going anywhere. This is a total lie.

1:55 PM – Frankie tells Amber that Caleb told him this morning that if she went up on the block, he had a plan to save her. He says she needs to talk to Caleb. Amber says they are supposed to be in an alliance but Hayden and Cody said they didn’t know about the plan and they are pissed. (They are both lying to her and are not pissed.) She thinks Hayden was honest with her.

2:30 PM – Caleb gives Amber creepy stares through the back door. He’s really starting to freak us out. Amber comes in and Caleb wants to talk to her. He says that Frankie started all of this. He also says that Zach told Nicole that Amber was the odd man out of The Bomb Squad. (What Bomb Squad Caleb? That’s so over.) Caleb says he does not want Amber out and that she is on the block to uncover where her loyalties lie.


Amber, knowing she is in trouble, sucks up to Caleb and actually seems to be convincing him that people have been lying to him about her. He tells her that Cody knew about her going up on the block. They all knew about it. He says he won’t lie to her, it was personal and talks about Zach telling him that she didn’t want to go on a date with him. Amber swears she never said that. She wants him to confront Frankie. She wants to know if Christine and Hayden knew about the plan. He says Christine didn’t and he doesn’t think Hayden did. (Another lie.)

2:50 PM – Nicole tells Frankie and Christine that she is going to tell Caleb that Amber wanted to start a girl’s alliance.  And that Amber told her the guys are working together. Well, it worked to get Joey out, right?

2:55 PM – Caleb and Amber confront Frankie about the Veto Meeting, the nomination, Zach’s speech, etc. Frankie asks Amber to leave. Then he goes after Caleb asking him if he is out of his mind. Caleb pushes Frankie and wants to know if people have been telling him lies about Amber. Caleb is now talking about how Zach is the major screw loose in the alliance.

3:00 PM – Caleb grabs Nicole and he wants to know if Amber tried to form a girl’s alliance with her. She says that Amber told her the girls need to get together to get the guys out. She also says that Amber said her date with Caleb wasn’t very good and she didn’t want to do it. She doesn’t like him like that. Caleb obviously can’t tell who he should believe.

Nicole exits and Frankie is angry that Caleb is believing Amber over him. Frankie is upset he keeps getting thrown under the bus and says it is all about Zach. He says he put Amber up because Caleb wanted him to and that she lied to him about the date. She does not like him that way. Frankie says Caleb is blind to Amber throwing people under the bus because of how he feels. Frankie works to push Caleb into thinking Amber has ruined her game and deserves to go home this week. And that the guys are scared Caleb will work with Amber to take them down. Caleb swears that won’t happen.

More coming soon in our next Big Brother Live Feeds spoilers report!

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