Who Was Evicted on Big Brother Last Night? 8/18/2016

Who got voted off Big Brother tonight was pretty much a foregone conclusion almost from the minute Head of Household Victor Arroyo chose his nominations last Friday. After a radical revolt in the house against Paulie Calafiore and his manipulations and scheuming, the whole power structure in the house was turned upside down.

Big Brother 18 Eviction (CBS)

Instead of being on the top of the totem pole, secure in the strength of their ‘guys’ alliance, Paulie and buddy Corey Brooks found themselves sitting side by side on the eviction block. Regardless of who won Power of Veto, one of them was destined to be the houseguest who got evicted on Big Brother tonight. That’s just how the house was stacked after a mutiny put Paulie and his closest allies, Corey and Nicole Franzel, at the bottom of the pack.

Watching the Big Brother Live Feeds, it didn’t take long to figure out Paulie was about to be handed his walking papers this week. After he ended up losing the Power of Veto Competition, there was really nothing he could do about it. No amount of campaigning or attempts at deal making was going to change anyone’s mind about getting him out.

Instead of taking his fate like a good competitor, Paulie then proceeded to spend the rest of the days (and nights) after his Power of Veto loss acting like a seriously sore loser. He whined. He cried. He refused to do his Veto punishment of baking apple pies to the point he had to be yelled at by production and given a lecture in the Diary Room. He cried some more. He promised he’d quit Jury because he’s “claustrophobic” (even though James told him Jury house is bigger, and less crowded).


Paulie even tried to sway some of the houseguests by claiming he needed to stay in the game so he could help a very sick relative — which is just getting really low. And then when none of this worked, Paulie nastily bashed and trashed the other houseguests, including saying some things about Natalie that were just really inexcusable.

Of course, pretty much none of this was actually shown on the CBS TV show, which instead edited Corey to look mostly like a good guy victim of a terrible betrayal by his own allies. One of the reasons we can’t do without our Big Brother Live Feeds — so we can see who these houseguests really are inside the house before the producers get their editing scissors out!


In the end, all of Paulie’s BS didn’t do him a darn bit of good, and when it comes time for the live eviction vote coming up very shortly this evening, we fully expect Paulie to be walking out the door. We’ll just have to wait and see if he ends up having that Round Trip Ticket in his pocket that will let him turn right around and walk back in.

Our live Big Brother 18 recap of tonight’s eviction results continues right here! Please be sure to refresh this page frequently during the show for the latest updates!

Let’s get to the vote!

Paulie gives his little speech and it’s obviously an exit speech. He says he hopes to hang out with everyone after the season is over. He goes one by one through everyone and tells them they are all awesome in some way, and he hopes to be friendly with everyone. The last person is Michelle, and he says Meech has found so much this season, except a showmance. So he grabs her, dips her, and plants one on her!


Corey’s speech is anticlimactic after that. His best bit was telling Nicole she’s the sweetest, cuddliest snake he’s ever met.

Big Brother 18 Eviction Results – 8/18/2016

Natalie votes to evict: Paulie
James votes to evict: Paulie
Nicole votes to evict: Paulie
Michelle votes to evict: Paulie
Paul votes to evict: Paulie

Paulie gives big hugs all the way around to everyone as he exits. He picks Julie Chen up off her feet before taking a seat for his exit interview. She says that won’t get him back into the house, but maybe his ticket envelope will. She asks for it and gathers the houseguests into the living room. She opens it up and… it’s a One Way Ticket. They are now all expired and Paulie will be going to the Jury house.

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