Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 81: Cliff and Nicole Hold all the Power

Oh how the tides have turned on Big Brother 21. Way back when, Gr8ful was running the game and isolating players like Cliff Hogg III and Nicole Anthony. Now, Cliff and Nicole have the most power this week and get to pick which former Gr8ful member to send home. They get to pick between Tommy Bracco and Holly Allen.

Prior to the BB Comics Power of Veto Competition, not much was going on in the house, except Cliff trying to pump himself up to win the Veto. We also got a huge moment that we weren’t allowed to really witness. Holly Allen and Jackson Michie were having their daily bash Christie Murphy session with Tommy also in the Head of Household room. Then Tommy felt compelled to tell him a big secret, THE BIG SECRET.

We only saw the start of it, but he told Jackson and Holly that he knew Christie from before the show. She dated his aunt for seven years. Then the Big Brother 21 production team felt compelled to turn off the live feeds, so we didn’t see the full confession and follow-up questions. We’re assuming that we’ll see it all play out during Wednesday’s Big Brother 21 episode, but it would have been nice to actually see this moment on the Live Feeds that we all pay for…Just saying, CBS.

After Nicole won the Power of Veto, she told Cliff that she planned to use it on him, this will force Holly on the block on Monday. Holly and Jackson also realized that this scenario might happen, and Holly started to worry about hitting the block and possibly leaving the game. She also admitted that she didn’t try her hardest to win the Power of Veto because she didn’t want to seem like a competition threat.

Later, Cliff and Nicole discussed who to keep this week between Tommy and Holly. They decided to keep Holly because she was weaker at competition than Tommy (he came in second during this week’s POV). They also told Jackson and Holly their plan, and they assured them that they had no plans to betray them. They told them it was fine, and Nicole was free to do what she wanted with the Veto.

The duo also planned to make sure to be extra nice to Nicole this week, like letting her keep the Head of Household room. Tommy seemed resigned to his fate and spent sometime in isolation as the final four bonded some more.

Later after going to the DR, Nicole told Tommy that she was on board to keep him. She just needed to get Cliff as well. She told Tommy to campaign to him. Later, Nicole used her alone HOH time to debate the pros and cons of keeping each.

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