Who Won HOH Tonight on Big Brother 21 & Who Was Nominated To The Block? (9/8/19)

Big Brother 21 fans are coming off the action-packed double eviction episode last Thursday evening when we watched Jessica Milagros and Christie Murphy (finally) face eviction and were sent to the jury house. Tonight, we slow down a bit with a new Head of Household (HOH) competition and two new block nominees. With only five houseguests left in the Big Brother 21 house, the nomination’s pool is severely limited.

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Nicole Anthony is the current HOH and the fan-favorite that finally managed to get Christie out the door to the jury house. She eked out a slim victory over Tommy Bracco to earn her first competition win of the season. Her ride-or-die, Cliff Hogg III, followed up her victory with a win himself in the Power of Veto (POV) competition. With a final four agreement with Jackson Michie and Holly Allen, Tommy and Christie were her only options to nominate to the block. Tonight, a new HOH will be crowned. Can Nicole and Cliff continue their reign of power inside the Big Brother 21 house?

Missed Moments During Double Eviction & Aftermath

Immediately after Nicole’s HOH win, she and Michie have a quick conversation in the boat room. Nicole vows safety to Michie and Holly in thanks for their protection of herself and Cliff the last few weeks. Nicole also quickly spoke to Tommy and told him she respected his game and was only going to what she had to do for her game moving forward.

Cliff followed up Nicole’s HOH victory with the veto win which guaranteed Tommy or Christie a ticket to the jury house. Nicole spoke to Christie in the bathroom where Christie seemed to accept her fate. Christie told Nicole that she wanted her to win and would help her in any way. Cliff, as expected, kept the nominations the same.

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In the storage room, Tommy and Christie talk about how they can’t believe Nicole picked them for eviction over Michie and Holly to go on the block. Christie was evicted by unanimous vote, and Tommy’s goodbye to her was heartbreaking for him. Tommy did vow to play his heart out as this was still his game to win. He was now alone in the house while Nicole had Cliff and Michie had Holly. Final five set in the Big Brother 21 house.

Nicole finally got the call to the storage room to receive her must anticipated HOH basket. She received all kinds of photos from home, but her best gift had to be the unicorn slippers. Nicole was brought to tears talking about her family in the diary room. Cliff shared his “dad” joy for Nicole in the diary room and out.  He certainly seemed to be a proud papa bear.

Week Eleven Head of Household Competition

The final foursome discussed their plans going forward. They all agreed that their final plan is to get Tommy out to finally leave just the four of them to battle it out at the end. They will live and die by the sword (they seem to like that phrase a lot). They discussed the necessity of winning this next HOH so that Tommy isn’t safe.  Game on.

Nicole has an interesting conversation with Tommy where she encourages him to win the HOH. In the diary room, she hopes that Tommy wins HOH and targets her own alliance, but in particular Holly and Michie. She feels that is her best way on the road to victory. Nicole does have a little nasty streak deep down inside of her.

This HOH competition is hosted by surprise former Big Brother power couple, Swaggy C and Bayleigh Dayton. This comp is called BB Flix and Chill. In each round, the houseguests will hear their friends talking about a description of which movie they want to watch while three different movie posters appear in front of them. Once they have figured out which movie the friends are talking about, they must push the corresponding buzzer. Only the first player to answer correctly wins a point for each round. The first player to five points will win the HOH competition.

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Michie jumped out to a quick lead and just left everyone in the dust thereafter.  He ended up winning the competition easily reaching a score of five, while his closest competitor was Cliff with a score of just two. Tommy had scored one point, and Holly scored zero points. This is Michie’s third HOH competition win. He is really building an impressive resume. He also has three POV wins and a Camp Director title from the beginning of the season.

Week Eleven Pre-Nomination Wheeling & Dealing

Tommy vows to do whatever he can to save his game. He approached Michie in the HOH room and shared with him that Nicole and Cliff were playing both sides of the house. Michie explained that at this point in the game, everyone is playing that angle. Tommy seemed to accept he will be on the block this week. With so few houseguests left in the game, Cliff figures he will go up as the pawn for Michie this week. Nicole promises to win the veto to save Cliff.

Week Eleven Block Nominations

At the nominations ceremony, Michie nominated Tommy and Cliff to the block for eviction this week. We are really getting down to the end here with few choices left to nominate to the block. The winner of the POV competition will dictate the remainder of Michie’s HOH. Who will win HOH and will either Tommy or Cliff be saved from the block?

Join us again Wednesday, September 11 at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the POV competition.

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