Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 82: Nicole Wants to Vote Out Holly

Nicole Anthony tried to start the 82nd day of her Big Brother 21 journey by motivating Tommy Bracco to campaign hard to keep himself safe this week. She wanted him to believe that there was a possibility he could get Cliff Hogg III and her vote to for him to stay over Holly Allen.

Later, Nicole talked out a few different scenarios for the week and came to the conclusion that she needs to get rid of Holly this week. In Nicole’s opinion, if Holly and Jackson Michie both stayed in the game, it made some scenarios obvious: They would always save each other over them. Every scenario involving both of them resulted in them protecting each other, but with Tommy, the odds of Cliff and her staying in the game longer increased. She believed that Tommy and Jackson would both vote out each other before they would her, and maybe even before Cliff.

She also believed that taking out Holly meant a three vs one scenario going into the final four vs 2 vs 2. Tommy also reassured Nicole that he was going to gun for taking out Jackson next week over Cliff or her. Meanwhile, Holly and Jackson discussed telling Cliff and Nicole about Tommy’s connection to Christie Murphy. They wanted to use it to show them that they couldn’t trust Tommy and that he was trying to play the middle.

Later, Jackson and Tommy discussed whether Jackson saw a future with Holly. He said he didn’t know because of the age difference. In a few years, they would be at different stages of life and want different things. He just wanted to be selfish right now and she might want to settle down in a couple years. He also said that he thought they would always be in each other’s lives and friends.

Nicole presented her proposal to Cliff about voting out Holly over Tommy. He agreed that Nicole made some very valid points, and he agreed with them. However, he thought Tommy was a lot harder to beat in a final three situation. He also brought up the fact that Tommy might have more votes with the jury. Nicole countered Cliff with thinking that Tommy made a lot of people mad when they left the game, and that Holly seemed easier to beat now, but people thought that about her at one point, so you never know.

After this discussion, they hadn’t agreed on which way to vote, but we’re sure Nicole will be pushing for Holly to go all week, and Cliff may sway once he hears Tommy’s pitch, but then Holly and Jackson could use their very juicy card against Tommy. Basically, we have a lot of game to be played this week. Exciting.

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