Big Brother 18 Recap: Paulie Prays for Roundtrip Ticket – 8/18/2016

Thanks to Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds, as well as what we’ve seen on the last few CBS TV shows, it’s fairly obvious that Paulie Calafiore will be thrown out of the house on Thursday night. The big question is whether or not he has that Round Trip Ticket in his pocket. If he does, expect Paulie to immediately come back into the house on a warpath to try to take out Paul or Victor for betraying him.

Paulie Calafiore cries over being the eviction target this week. (CBS)

On Big Brother tonight, Paulie’s only possible chance of not getting the boot off to join the Jury is if he is holding the special Round Trip Ticket prize from the secret room puzzle earlier in the season. If he has it, he’ll get to ride right back into the house.

When he hasn’t been crying, whining, saying truly nasty things about other houseguests, or refusing to do his Veto Competition punishment on the Big Brother Live Feeds, Paulie’s already been planning that he would immediately go after Victor, with Paul as his backup target. Unfortunately for Paulie, even if he did get back into the house, and did win Head of Household, it’s going to be America’s Care Package co-HoH prize week. So he’d only get to pick one nominee, and the other side of the house would pick Corey (or possibly Nicole), and that is the person who would get evicted. Paulie is just screwed right now all the way around.

Of course, we also have that special, weird episode on Friday night with some kind of strange country fair theme and Ziggy Marley concert. There are also supposed to be games and prizes, with supposedly at least one thing that could be a big game-changer for the houseguests. Maybe even for a just evicted one? After all, Paulie was present and participated in the taping 0f the Friday episode (which took place on Monday). Then, of course, there is also the possibility of a Jury returnee still happening at some point this season.

So Paulie’s endless crying and b*tching about how he wants to just quit, or saying he won’t stay in the Jury house because he’s “claustrophobic” (when it’s a bigger house with less people!) is just a bunch of crap and totally lame. It’s Big Brother, there is always a chance you could still come back and win, and one should play the game every single minute accordingly.

Paulie and his hopeful round trip ticket. (CBS/
Paulie and his hopeful round trip ticket. (CBS/

We’ll find out tonight in our live recap a bit later if Paulie has been weeping and wailing for no good reason and really does have that Round Trip Ticket. Or if he’ll be possibly out the door for good, and maybe make good on all those statements he will quit the Jury if he doesn’t get to stay in the house.

When we last left our houseguests, Victor won the Power of Veto and announced he would not use the Veto to save either Corey or Paulie from the block. Tonight we’ll find out if the evictee has the Round Trip ticket back into the house. Plus we’ll check in at the Jury House, and meet Brendon and Rachel’s Big Brother baby!


After the Veto Ceremony, Victor is feeling so amazing he can’t even express it in words. Paulie sent him out the door, and now Victor is going to get him evicted. Corey says in Diary Room he is going to keep it cool and look after himself. Paulie says in Diary Room that he doesn’t want to campaign against Corey, so really there is just nothing he can do.

James tells Paul he didn’t even give Paulie a hug. Victor and Natalie both come in and they are happy. They all agree Paulie just needs to go, not just for everyone else, but for his own mental health.

Paulie tells James he’s just realized he’s not the best person for everyone’s game and he’s not going to campaign against Corey. Paulie sees a butterfly and starts crying and talking about how butterflies are spirits. James tries to comfort him a bit.


The call from Zingbot comes on the intercom to tell Paulie he needs to do his Veto punishment and bake a pie. Paulie says he is not going to do it, even though the call keeps coming out. Instead, he starts running around the yard. Michelle says in Diary Room she’s no longer the biggest baby in the house with Paulie acting like this. Corey tells Paulie he can’t sit here and watch him be like this all week and tells him to be strong and be the best person he can be. Paulie says even badasses can break down sometimes.


Paulie says he won’t be soft and do this to Corey, so he agrees to go and make the stupid pie. After that, he starts working the houseguests to try to repair his relationships with the other houseguests. He goes to Natalie, who was really hurt by things Paulie said about and to her. He apologizes for being emotional, but Natalie says in Diary Room that she doesn’t believe he’s being genuine. But she accepts his apology.

Paul asks Paulie if he’s convinced that everyone wants him gone. Paulie says yeah, no one wants him here. He hopes maybe he can convince Paulie might give him a sympathy vote and then he might be able to build on that. Paul tells Paulie he would consider giving him a sympathy vote, and says in Diary Room he doesn’t want to break his one true rule, Friendship.


Feeling like he may have a start on staying, Paulie campaigns to James while doing his pie backing, flag waving punishment. He basically says James needs him to make sure they can get out Victor and Paul. In Diary Room, James says Paulie has burned him before and he doesn’t want to mess this up.


Paulie thinks he has Paul’s vote, and maybe he can get James, so he sits down with James and Natalie to see if he can secure both of their votes. James says they have to do what is best for their game, and he says Natalie is the real shot caller. Paulie promises if they save him, he would never screw them over.


Off to a commercial break and then we’ll get to see Brendan, Rachel and the very first Big Brother showmance spawned baby, their daughter Adora. After that, it’s on to the live eviction results and to find out if the Round Trip Ticket will come into play before it expires tonight.

We’re back and Rachel says of course she had to have the first Big Brother baby. Brendan says it’s not a competition, but she says well of course, everything is a competition! Rachel says being a parent is a lot like living in the Big Brother house. There is a lot of whining, crying and mess.


Rachel loves Natalie and James as her favorite showmance, and Brendan says you never know, they maybe could last outside the house. He can’t understand what the veterans have been thinking this season not working together the whole time. Brendan thinks Paul maybe has the best chance of winning so far. Rachel says the girls need to get it together and ditch the guys. Rachel says she wants Adora to be on Big Brother someday, even if Brendan isn’t into the idea of having his daughter in the house with a bunch of guys!

Before the eviction, we have a brief visit to the Jury House where Da’Vonne is very unhappy to see Zakiyah walk in the door. She says Z is the last person she wanted to see come in the door. Da’Vonne says she didn’t learn to keep her mouth shut. Zakiyah says her connection to Paulie was probably her downfall.

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