Big Brother Reindeer Games Episode 3 Recap (12/14/23)

Tonight marks the halfway point for Big Brother Reindeer Games. Cameron Hardin was elininated on the first night of the competition, and Cody Calafiore went home on the second night. Who will win the advantage in the Naughty or Nice challenge for the Jingle Bell Crawl? Let’s find out.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

Big Brother Reindeer Games Naughty and Nice Challenge

Derek Xiao in the next Elf Ambassador to help the houseguests with the upcoming challenges. Derek was a member of the Big Brother 23 house and is ready to the next comps underway.

A pianoist (the resident crooner) came into Santa’s Lodge and sang a very personal rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas…but he stopped short of revealing why his partner left him. The houseguests must figure that out by searching for letter-shaped Christmas cookies strown throughtout the Big Brother house.

When the cookies are found, they can be put together in the proper order indicating why the crooner was dumped. The cookies wil read a 4-word phrase. Once the houseguests have figured out why he was dumped, they must pick up the phone and explain the reason.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

The first person to correctly answer the question wins this challenge and 2-minute head start in the upcoming Jingle Bell Brawl. The extra two minutes gets the winner one step closer to winning safety in the Brawl competition.

Dani, Josh and Taylor worked together to complete the puzzle while Nicole, Bridget, and Frankie worked as a team. Taylor raced to the phone and called the crooner first with the correct answer. She won the 2-minute advantage.

Taylor must now decide who will receive the disadvantage that comes with her victory. She spoke privately with all the houseguests to get their take on who should get the disadvantage. Her goal is to target Frankie, but it’s too early in the game to put her cards out there for all to see.

Taylor decided to put Josh on the naughty list. He will learn his fate at the challenge. Josh volunteered to receive the punishment so Taylor didn’t have blood on her hands.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Jingle Bell Crawl

The challenge is the familiar minature comp in Big Brother. The houseguests must use tweeezers and rebuild their gingerbread man. Taylor received a 2-minute head start while Josh had to wait 5-minutes to look at his answer key. He could begin building, but he has no idea what exactly he was building. Good luck folks!

Big Brother Reindeer Games

Nicole pulled out the win in this challenge by finishing her gingerbread man first. This was a close competition, but she won even after she had to go back and make corrections to her gingerbread man. Nicole won safety.

She must choose one player to go to Santa’s Showdown. This will be a solo challenge. If the player Nicole selects can complete the challenge in the alloted time, they will have win safety and the power to select the next player to compete. The next player will have less time on the clock. The earlier you play, the better off the player will be in this one.

Frankie and Nicole are targeting Xavier in this challenge. The problem is they have no idea what the challenge looks like ahead of time. Once she sees the challenge right before it begins, she will send in Britney as a friend and X as a foe.

Big Brother Reindeer Games Santa’s Showdown

This competition is in the candy cane forest.  The players must release Mrs. Clauses’ favorite ornament from a giant snowball. This looks like a giant hamster wheel with a maze attached to the side. The first player will have 5 minutes and 30 seconds to accomplish the task.

Every player after the first will have one minute taken off the time allotted to finish the task. The second player will have 4 and a half minutes and the third will have 3 and a half minutes and so on. The first player to fail this task will be eliminated from the game.

Nicole decided to send Frankie into the competition first. He has the athletic ability and the mental prowess to complete the puzzle. He is certainly up fo rthe challenge. The player competing is the only one allowed to see the competition as it unfolds.

Frankie is on the job. He has five and a half minutes to get this done. Frankie completed this challenge with 3:12 left on the clock. Now Frankie must pick the next competitor to complete the challenge in 4:30.

Big Brother Reindeer Games

Frankie picked X to go next because he’s trying to get him eliminated. X is not sure if Frankie is doing him a favor or is putting in a position to lose. This is a tricky one, Big Brother fans.

Xavier successfully completed his third Santa’s Showdown in a row. He will have to select the next player, and they will only have 3:30 to complete the challenge.

He spoke with all the remaining houseguests before announcing his decision. After many talks and Britney begging him not to pick her, X chose Britney to complete the challenge next. She knows this is a death sentence for her game and is so distraught.

After being completely sure she would never complete the challenge in time, Britney killed it. She had well over a minute and a half left in the challenge. She can’t stop crying tears of joy. Now, she get to pick either Josh, Taylor, or Dani to complete the challenge now.

Britney picked Dani to go next, and she is not hapy about the decision. Dani jumps into the hamster wheel and is off. She almost made it in the time allotted, but ultimately she failed and was eliminated from the game. She picked her present under the tree, and it was the $5,000 prize.

There are six players left in the Big Brother Reindeer Games. Join us again on Monday, December 18th at 9 PM EST for the next episode recap.