Big Brother 19 Week 8 Alliance Updates: Third Wheel Strategy For Paul Pays Off Big

In real life, being a third wheel isn’t a desired position, but it is the perfect spot for Big Brother veteran Paul Abrahamian. Like others before him, in Big Brother 19 Paul is following the third wheel game strategy that he hopes will finally win him the ultimate Big Brother prize of $500,000.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

With only a few weeks left to go in the Big Brother 19 house, there is not much time left for the houseguests to align with the best players.  Paul stays busy aligning himself with all the remaining couples to implement the  third wheel plan. Will this strategy work for Paul?

The “power” couples remaining in the Big Brother 19 house are Jason Dent & Alex Ow, Matt Clines & Raven Walton, and Christmas Abbott & Josh Martinez. Paul has already managed to align himself with each of these three couples. He  has final three deals with all of them, and more importantly, convinced them that he is a critical for their games.

As long as the plan to evict Mark Jansen plays out on Thursday night, Paul will have successfully created final game deals with EVERY member left in the Big Brother game, with the exception of the only other single player, Kevin Schlehuber. Paul is flirting with the notion of making a final two deal with Kevin to cover all of his bases. This strategy could work out beautifully for him, or this could blow up in his face if all of the couples start comparing notes with each other.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian, Josh Martinez, and Christmas Abbott

The recent game talks have looked beyond this week’s eviction, since the houseguests are set on Mark’s eviction. They have strategized about the next Head of Household, and their next eviction targets. Of course, the next target depends on which of the couples  wins the Head of Household crown. Jason and Alex seem to be at the top of all the houseguests hit list. Alex, in particular, is a big target because she is a good competitor, and she has done so well in the game to date.

Although Paul has final three deals with all of the couples in the house, he made it fairly clear this week that he wants to go to the end with Christmas and Josh. Alex and Jason are a strong couple but probably too strong. Paul can’t afford to make the same mistake from Big Brother 18when he chose to take Nicole Franzel over James Huling to the end. That mistake cost Paul $500,000.

Big Brother 19 Week 8 Alliances
Courtesy of @89razorskate20

Taking Christmas and Josh to the end makes the most sense for Paul.  He could easily beat either of them in an endurance competition–thanks to Christmas’ broken leg and Josh’s inability to perform well in endurance comps. In addition, Paul has had Josh to do his dirty work this season, which should bode well for Paul with the jury votes.

We can’t get too far ahead of ourselves here with Big Brother 19. There is still a whole lot of game left to be played. There could be a coup d’état in the house that ousts Paul before he can come anywhere near a final three appearance again. However, for those Paul fans out there, he is thinking ahead and aligning himself with the right houseguests. Now we just have to sit back, eat our popcorn, and enjoy the show.

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