Big Brother 19: Power of Veto Ceremony Results (08/21/17)

We may be in for another predictable Big Brother 19 week. The house has united against evicting Mark Jansen, but he doesn’t appear to be as juicy of a target to evict this Big Brother 19 week as he once was in the game. He has no allies left, is a genuine nice guy, and he seems resigned to his Big Brother fate. Like many before her, Head of Household Christmas Abbott seems to be going the safe route this week.

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott and Mark Jansen

A bolder move would have been to try to take out Alex Ow or Jason Dent because they are a very strong duo–based on their bonds and competition success. By striking at Jason or Alex, Christmas would lose them as allies. However, their allegiance is temporary anyway, so it would be smarter just to strike now when she has the opportunity to weaken a strong duo, instead of just taking out a player already on the bottom.

Christmas considered targeting Jason this week, but that was only if Mark won the Power of Veto. We already know that Mark didn’t get backdoored, but he lost the Veto competition. Jason won it and plans to take himself off the block.

So did Mark go up as this week’s Big Brother 19 replacement nominee?



Big Brother 19 Mark Jansen

Jason removed himself from the block. Mark Jansen went up as a replacement nominee. On Thursday, either Matt Clines or Mark will be evicted from the Big Brother 19 house.

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