Big Brother 19-8/17/17-Recap: Who Survived The Double Eviction Night?

Double eviction night in the Big Brother house is always fast paced, dramatic, and lots of fun. Last night’s Big Brother 19 episode was no exception. During a double eviction episode, an entire week of Big Brother 19 played out live in  60 minutes. By the end of the live episode, two houseguests were evicted. These two Big Brother 2017 houseguests were the first two to join the jury house. Let’s get down to business.

Big Brother 19 Double Eviction

The first eviction of the evening begins with Cody Nickson, Elena Davies, and Matt Clines on the block sharing their last pleas to the Big Brother house. Elena and Matt’s speeches were both dull, but Cody wanted to go out with a bang. He proceeded to call out Jason Dent and Alex Ow for their sneaky play during the past week. He told the house that both Alex and Jason had been trying to flip the house to vote out Matt and Raven Walton this past week.  And if that wasn’t enough information to turn the house on it’s head, Cody also shared that Alex and Jason were plotting to go after Paul Abrahamian this week. Let’s get to the vote…

With a vote of 7-0-0, Cody was evicted from the Big Brother house, and he was the first houseguest to be evicted to the jury house.  After Cody called out his fellow houseguests during his farewell speech, he wasted no time in getting out of the house. Cody walked across the “glass” table and got to the front door before any houseguests were even able to stand, much less say their goodbyes.

Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson

Once Cody joined host Julie Chen for his exit interview, he admitted he fabricated the story about Alex and Jason just to stir up some trouble in the house. He knew he was a dead man walking, and no one would believe that information if he tried to start the rumor while he was still in the house. Cody did make a very accurate observation in that all of the houseguests are playing a safe game. The only players the house has been targeting for eviction for the last seven weeks has been his showmance partner, Jessica Graf, and himself.

Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson

The Head of Household competition began; it was called ‘Let It Slide.’  The houseguests competed, two at a time, on an over-sized shuffle board. The player that got their puck closest to the end of the board without going over won the round. The winner of each round picked the next two houseguests to compete against each other. The loser was immediately eliminated from the game. The last player standing won the next HOH. Jason won the competition.

Big Brother 19 Let It Slide

Jason’s first duty as HOH was to nominate two houseguests to the block for eviction. Jason addressed the group and explained that Mark Jansen was put on the block based on Cody’s advice not to trust him. He proceeded to explain that Elena had betrayed his number one sidekick, Alex, by breaking their promise to one another.  Elena’s greed got the best of her during the last Power of Veto competition, and she took the $5,000 prize from Alex in exchange for the Camp Guide punishment.

Big Brother 19 Block Nominees

As soon as the nominees were set, the POV completion began. The competitors were Jason, Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven Walton, and Josh Martinez. This competition was called ‘Kenya-Solve It.’ Each player had to complete three puzzles and be the first to buzz in at the finish line. The winner would earn the golden POV.

Big Brother 19 POV

This competition was completed very quickly. Mark was the first player to complete all three puzzles and to ring the buzzer. He won the POV, and he used the POV to take himself off the block. As a result, Jason had to nominate a replacement nominee: he chose to put Matt on the block in Mark’s place.

At the second vote of the night for eviction, all of the houseguests voted to evict Elena with the exception of Mark, her showmance partner. Elena’s eviction came as no big surprise to anyone in the Big Brother house, including Elena. She pretty much sealed her fate when she screwed Alex with the Camp Guide punishment.

Elena and Cody are the first two houseguests in the jury house. There are still nine houseguests inside the Big Brother 19 house and lots of game still to be played.

Big Brother 19 Elena Davies

Join us again tomorrow morning for a recap of the tonight’s special Big Brother 19 episode featuring Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur. It will most likely be a memory lane clip show. Then join us much later in the evening for the Head of Household and nomination results.

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