5 Top Moments From Big Brother 23 Episode 9

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 23 featured the third Power of Veto competition of the season. More importantly, tonight we got to see exactly how the perfect blindside is set up in Big Brother. Now, as long as things go as planned, Brent Champagne is in for the shock of his life.

Big Brother 23 Derek Frazier in tutu

The current block nominees are Brent and Britini D’Angelo thanks to HOH Xavier Prather. Unfortunately, this is Britini’s second week in a row on the block for eviction. She does have some reprieve as she’s just a pawn. The episode was lots of fun tonight including the infamous tutu bowlerina competition. Let’s take a look at the top five moments from Big Brother 23 episode 9.

#5 The Tears Keep Coming From Britini

After Britini cried her poor little heart out most of last week because she was on the block for eviction, here she went again. HOH Xavier’s hands were truly tied with who he could nominate to the block this week due to all of the alliances he is working within the Big Brother 23 house. After the nomination ceremony, he told Britini she was not the target, but nonetheless, she was devastated.

Big Brother 23 Britini Xaxier

#4 Brent Thinks He Has The Aces In His Back Pocket

Once Brent is nominated to the Big Brother 23 block and is told by Xavier he is a pawn, Brent’s spidey senses go off. They tell him that there is no way anyone could ever use him as a pawn…he’s just too good. So, he knows he is Xavier’s target, but he is not worried. He has all the allies he needs. He has his fellow Ace teammates as well as other allies in the Big Brother 23 house to save him from going home. No worries!

Big Brother 23 Brent Xavier Talk

#3 Things Get Dizzy In The Big Brother 23 House

Tonight’s POV competition is called Room Key Rumble and is similar to the Bowlerina competitions in past years of Big Brother. The houseguests must spin themselves like a top to complete a task while stumbling all over the place. In the end, Christian outlasts the other competitors and wins the golden POV this week. Christian will do whatever Xavier would like with the golden power.

Big Brother 23 Derek and Whitney

#2 Brent Becomes A POV Mastermind

Brent has a “gut” feeling that Xavier plans to use the POV because Britini is way too happy in the Big Brother 23 house. If Xavier takes down Britini, he may not have as many votes against a new houseguest on the block. He sets out on a mission to make sure the POV is not used.

Big Brother 23 Brent Talks

Brent asks Kyland Young to approach Xavier and tell him the Queens want Brent evicted this week in the Big Brother house. Brent boldly told Ky to tell Xavier some line like Brent is just super annoying and needs to go home. News Flash…Brent is asking Kyland to do EXACTLY what the Big Brother house is already doing to Brent. Can we say “Blindside America”?

#1 Christian Does Not Use The POV

Christian is in alliances with Xavier, so he did not use the POV. While Brent thinks he is blindsiding Xavier with Britini going home this week, Xavier is really blindsiding Brent and sending him home this week. Don’t you just love when a Big Brother plan comes together? Tune in tonight at 8/7c for the live eviction results!

Julie Chen standing next to large Big Brother sign with palm trees in the background.

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