Big Brother 20 Episode 12 Recap: Fessy’s Tangled Web

When Sam Bledsoe won the Head of Household competition last Sunday evening on Big Brother 20, she was the last houseguest that should have been vying for the power this week.  Why would a Big Brother player NOT want to have the HOH power?  Sam knows that her Bonus Life Power App will be in play this week for whomever gets evicted.  That evicted houseguest is automatically guaranteed a chance to come back into the Big Brother house.  If the evicted houseguest does win the chance back into the house, who is the first person they would want to target?   You guessed it, the person that nominated them to the block for evicted, AKA the HOH, AKA Sam.

Big Brother 20 HOH Sam Bledsoe

While Sam’s decision to win HOH this week doesn’t potentially bode well for her Big Brother game, it has made for a great show for the viewers.  With Haleigh Broucher and Kaitlyn Herman on the block for eviction this week, the only thing to upstage Sam’s move would be if Faysal Shafaat won the Power of Veto and had to pick between his 2 love interests to save from eviction.  Surely Faysal has enough sense not to put himself in that position!  Tonight’s POV competition should be interesting, to say the least.

Deals and Dealings

Sam’s damning statement against Haleigh and Kaitlyn regarding their “womanizing” play in the Big Brother house didn’t sit well with the girls.  Meanwhile, Sam revealed in the dairy room that she felt if either of the block nominees did win the chance to come back into the house, she could easily take them out again.  This is a new side of Sam, one that casts her in a light not so comparable to America’s sweetheart like she has been portrayed before.

Haleigh and Kaitlyn are not quiet or relatively laid back houseguests inside the Big Brother house.  Both should campaign hard to be taken off the block, and the other will continue to campaign for their lives if the POV is used.  Which houseguest deserves to stay in the Big Brother house?  Who would be targeted as a replacement nominee if Kaitlyn or Haleigh is saved from the block?

Sam confides in Tyler Crispen that Rockstar Lantry would most likely be her choice as a replacement nominee.  Once things have settled, Sam explains that she intends to tell the block nominees about the chance to enter back into the game.  She feels as though this will save face with the nominees and take the target off her back in the Big Brother house.  Has Sam watched Big Brother before?

Kaitlyn has a private talk with Sam about her accusations toward her in the nominations ceremony speech.  Kaitlyn is very offended that Sam feels like she is the antithesis of woman empowerment.  Kaitlyn shares that she thought they were “sisters” in the Big Brother house.  Sam puts Kaitlyn in her place quickly and the conversation ends.

Big Brother 20 Faysal Shafaat

So now we enter the Fessy, Kaitlyn, Haleigh triangle.  Kaitlyn tells Fessy she wants him to play in the POV comp only if he will use it to save her if he wins.  She doesn’t want him to throw the comp because he doesn’t want to have to choose between saving Kaitlyn and Haleigh.  Fessy promises that he would save Kaitlyn if she picked him to play for her.  Soon thereafter, Fessy makes a similar promise to Haleigh…promising to save her from the block.  Fessy, Fessy, Fessy what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

Week 4 Power of Veto Competition

As usual, the HOH and the two nominees will compete for the POV which gives us Sam, Haleigh, and Kaitlyn competing.  In addition to those competitors, 3 other houseguests will be competing for the POV power.  JC Moundiux, Rockstar, and Fessy.  This is shaping up to be fun times in the Big Brother 20 house.

Ding, Dong!  Rachel Reilly, (season 13 winner) is in the Big Brother house to host the POV competition.  This competition is sponsored by Bro Fund Me and Rachel received the funding to test her new Chop, Bonk, Spank machine.  The houseguests will answer questions about the sequence of hits they received each round by the Chop, Bonk, Spank machine.  The houseguest with the most correctly answered questions, or the most points wins the golden power of veto.

Big brother 20 Week 4 POV Competition
JC Moundiux licks his wounds from the POV Competition Chop, Bonk, or Spank.

Fessy won his second power of veto of the summer.  Now he has promised both block nominees that he would save them and use the POV to take them off the block.  What will Fessy do now?  And if he uses the POV to save either Kaitlyn or Haleigh, who will be the replacement nominee?

Fessy is completely torn on which of his two girls to save.  He finally admitted to Kaitlyn that he had promised both her and Haleigh safety this week.  Kaitlyn is completely besides herself with this revelation.  To make matters even worse, Fessy called Kaitlyn the “other girl’s” name by mistake.  He needs to just drive that knife in deeper and deeper.

Week 4 Power of Veto Ceremony

At the POV Ceremony, Fessy decided to use the power and save Haleigh from eviction.  Sam initially decided to put JC on the block, but he quickly talked her out of nominating him.  Sam then chose Rockstar as the replacement nominee.  How will this all play out inside the Big Brother house?  Tune in tomorrow night for the live eviction and lots of fireworks.

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