Big Brother 13: First Look At What’s To Come!

Big Brother media day is over and right here is where you can tune in for the first look at the Big Brother 13 cast list, tour of the new Big Brother 13 house and all the post media day goodies! We hear the very first BB13 house photos will be released at 3AM ET — although their may be a lockout exclusive on us being able to post them until later in the day.  Naturally, you know they just have to make me stay awake half the night to see the first Big Brother 13 house photos. Well, it’ll get me used to staying up late to watch the Big Brother live feeds. 😛

Tommorow, if our information is accurate, we’ll should be able to start sharing info from Big Brother media day about the press tour through the Big Brother 13 house. We can’t wait to see what kind of weird and twisted things they’ll do with the house this year.

As for the Big Brother 13 cast announcement, we hear that we probably won’t get the dish on that until Wednesday. However, you never can be sure, so keep your eyes on our feed here at and on our Twitter @BigBroAccess just in case!

Of course, we’ll bring you everything we can get our hands on as soon as it goes public. Before you leave, pop over to our Twitter feed and follow so you can get the latest info on BB13 as soon as we post!

Here is what we can look forward to in the days to come:

  • Big Brother 13 cast announcement — how many players there will be and who they are
  •  Videos and photos of the new cast members being released
  • Update to the CBS Big Brother website featuring the new players and house
  • Big Brother 13 house descriptions, photos and, of course, the annual Julie Chen and Allison Grodner house tour
  • Media day videos and interviews
  • Host Julie Chen hitting the talk shows to discuss the new season.
  • More Big Brother live feed pre-season shows and special chats with dish about the new season.

Big Brother 13 premiers on CBS on July 7 at 9/8c. BB13 will be broadcast on Sundays from 8 to 9, Wednesdays from 8 to 9 and Thursdays from 8 to 10. Plus, of course, there is also the Big Brother live feeds, where you can sign up to watch the houseguests day and night. Yes, you can totally tune in via your computer or mobile to find out who has been doing the nasty with whom, who just had a blow-out catfight or who revealed way too much skin in the shower! How fun is that?

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