Who Won Head of Household Tonight on Big Brother All-Stars? (9/20/20)

We are already beginning week seven inside the Big Brother All-Star house as this summer has been flying by. So far, this season of Big Brother has not been that exciting because the house majority alliance has held the Head of Household position each and very week this summer. Last week, another Big Brother legend and former season 14 winner, Ian Terry was evicted from the house by HOH Dani Donato and the majority alliance the Committee.

Big Brother All-Stars HOH Week 7

Although Tyler Crispen was supposedly the initial target last week, Dani succumb to alliance pressure and made a pact to keep Tyler safe until only their alliance was left standing. Tonight, the Head of Household competition, Hydrant Hustle, will dictate the power for the next week inside the Big Brother house. Hopefully, we will finally get a shift in power and enjoy some excitement this season. Fingers crossed!

Week Six Vote Flip Conundrum

David Alexander and Ian hatched a plan to tie the vote which would force Dani to place the tie-breaker vote. That would put even more blood on her hands making her a bigger target than David. The four votes to keep Ian would then be David, Da’Vonne Rogers, Nicole Franzel, and Kevin Campbell. Those four spoke and agreed to vote to keep Ian.

The rub comes with the fact that David is not trustworthy…at ALL. So, Kevin and Day are very worried about David keeping his word. If he does not keep his word, that situation would put their game in tremendous jeopardy. Kevin approached David confirming his vote, and Day did the same.

Then, both Kevin and Day spoke to Nicole confirming her vote. Nicole is lying telling everyone that she will vote to keep Ian when she can’t. That would go against her alliance and cause major issues for the Committee. Dani and Nicole plan to frame David for the vote flip which will make him the target going into week seven.

Because David lied to everyone about having the BB Basement Disruptor Power, no-one believes that he didn’t flip the vote when, in fact, he voted for Tyler and not Ian. Nicole and Dani’s plan to blame David is working like a champ.

Big Brother All-Stars Day

Day is livid with David about the vote flip and whole heartedly believes he was the one to do it. She approached David and asked him why he flipped, and he told her he did not flip (which was true). David finally had a melt down, screaming and ranting throughout the house with disgust.

Week Seven Have-Nots Selected

There are only two have-nots this week as the third have-not from last week, Ian, was evicted. Day chose Christmas Abbott, and David chose Cody Calafiore as the have-nots for this week. Day chose Christmas because just last week Christmas nominated Day to the block and sent her ride-or-die home before jury. Christmas does not hesitate to let her dismay with the selection be known and promises revenge in the diary room.

Week Seven Head of Household Competition

This week’s Head of Household competition is called Hydrant Hustle. Players must assemble a 3-D fire hydrant puzzle. The first to complete the puzzle will be the next HOH.

Big Brother All-Stars HOH

In the end, another Committee member won the HOH competition. Memphis Garrett is the new HOH in week seven in the Big Brother All-Stars house. He is the first repeat HOH winner of this season.

Week Seven Block Nomination Ceremony

Before the Nomination ceremony, David met with HOH Memphis. He promised to keep David safe as long as David promised to not play in the POV competition and keep his mouth shut about this arrangement. David anxiously agreed to the terms, but unknowingly Memphis does plan to backdoor and evict David from the game this week.

At the ceremony, Memphis nominated Day and Kevin to the block for eviction this week. Will he stick with his plan to backdoor David? Join us again this Wednesday, September 23 at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the Power of Veto competition.

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