Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Highlights-Day 8: The House VS Kemi and Ovi

Every Big Brother superfan knows that the season doesn’t really start until the launch of the Live Feeds. Last night, the Big Brother 21 Live Feeds officially launched. We already got a little sense of the Big Brother 21 houseguests from the first two episodes, but we really got to know them last night when the feeds revealed a David Alexander-less house.

Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Day Recap

Now that the Big Brother Live Feeds have started, we have a familiar sense of chaos kicking off Big Brother 21. It feels like home. The feeds started with lots of whispering and a giant game of human knot. This freaking human knot game went on for what feels like eternity. Once it finally ended, we begun to see more of the Big Brother 21 house dynamics.

In rare form, there doesn’t seem to be any official showmances yet. Kathryn Dunn would like to be in one with Jackson Michie, but he just doesn’t seem that into her. There might be a five squared thing brewing between Jackson, Kat, Holly Allen, Jack Matthews, and Christie Murphy, who has seemed to keep her promise about not revealing yet that she prefers women to men. Jackson and Holly are worried that Christie and Jack could become a showmance. Holly also spoke to Analyse Talavera about being worried about Jack as a player. They agreed that he needs to go sooner rather than later. Meanwhile, Jessica Milagros tried to warn Kat not to trust Jackson so much. She believes he may be in an alliance that doesn’t involve Kat, but involves Holly, Jack, Analyse, Jackson, and Christie.

Jessica is 100 percent right. The new six person alliance that we saw form on last night’s episode has now grown into an eight person alliance that now includes Analyse and Tommy Bracco. After hearing that Jackson may be plotting without her, she confronted him about it. He of course denied it.

Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Recap Day 8

Kat now (seemingly) believes him over Jessica’s warning. Jackson then reassured Kat that she would be safe this week. He said the house wants Kemi Fakunle or Ovi Kabir out this week. Apparently, Ovi has been rubbing people the wrong way because of his egg usage, he uses too many to cook cookies. He also allegedly made certain women feel uncomfortable, like Analyse. Kemi apparently played too hard too fast. She also has been labeled as someone who talks too much.  Isabella Wang is Kemi’s closes ally but she no longer trusts Kemi.

She has been taking the info Kemi gives her and feeding it right back to her alliance and other houseguests. Kemi spike to Bella last night about suspecting that Jackson, Jack, Holly, Christie, and Analyse are in an alliance together. She has no clue that Bella is also in this alliance and will probably tell them this info later. Things aren’t looking good for Kemi at the moment.

Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Recap Day 8

The Power of Veto players were picked last night; Cliff Hoggs III, Kat, Christie, Jack, Nicole Anthony, and Sam Smith were all selected to play in the Veto. The players being picked last night likely means that the competition will play out sometime this morning, so we should have our first major feed outage in a few hours. It’s also generally believed that everyone playing in this week’s competition will use the Veto either on Cliff or Kat.

Tommy and Christie also had a private talk about going to the end together. It’s them together above everyone else.

The Big Brother Live Feeds have just started, so there is still time to sign up by clicking the banner below. Come join the mad house.

We’ll update you later today if the first Big Brother 21 Power of Veto competition does indeed take place today. Get excited everyone, your favorite summer obsession has finally kicked into full force.

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